Jen Psaki Goes Full-on Fail After Peter Doocy Dings Biden Admin on Vaccine Hesitancy Message

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Though our intellectual betters in the mainstream media have made clear that they do not approve of the myriad ways Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy goes about getting answers from President Biden’s very cagey press secretary Jen Psaki during the daily briefings, the intrepid reporter has built a sizable fan following among the network’s viewers and others who appreciate that he is one of the few in the room who will dig beyond the White House’s talking points in an effort to try to get at the truth.


Today’s press briefing was no exception. Presumably because the Biden administration has for the last several weeks been zeroing in on red state governors like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, blaming them for the rise in coronavirus case numbers in their respective states and accusing them of contributing to vaccine hesitancy, Doocy flipped the script on Psaki during a back and forth when he asked her if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had any regrets about casting doubts on the vaccine last year around this time by telling people that because the vaccine was being developed under the Trump administration and because it was being fast-tracked that maybe it wasn’t safe.

Watch as he questions her three different times on the matter, and take note of how she never actually answers his questions. Instead, she deflected by falsely claiming in so many words that Joe Biden has always trusted the scientists and then told an outright lie by saying then-President Trump advised the American people to inject bleach to cure themselves of the Wuhan virus:


It was just more on a long list of hot garbage answers from this administration but still maddening all the same. For the record, let’s once again go back and look at how both Biden and Harris deliberately undermined the vaccine last fall for political reasons, reasons that oddly disappeared the moment the media declared them the winners of the 2020 election:

As I’ve said before, if the White House wants to blame people for mixed messaging about masks and creating doubts about the vaccine, it starts at the top. The facts are what they are:

Literally on day one of Biden’s presidency, within hours of his inauguration, he was breaking his own federal mandate on wearing masks on federal property along with members of his family. When asked about it the next day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki had the nerve to suggest that there were more pressing issues to deal with under the new administration than the President of the United States breaking his own rules on an issue he made central to his campaign.

It hasn’t gotten better since then, as we’ve extensively reported, between a fully-vaccinated President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden wearing masks outside after visiting former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter in May to Vice President Kamala Harris and “First Gentleman” Doug Emhoff – both of who are also fully vaccinated – kissing each other with their masks on outside before she prepared to board a plane that same week.


There are many more examples along those lines, including recently when Biden when he told reporters that you couldn’t catch COVID if you got the vaccine, which is inarguably not true.

There are people who could have heard his comments, then go get vaccinated and then two months from now catch it and think “I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine if I knew this was going to happen,” and then spread that information to others who could be influenced not to take it.

As I said earlier, it all starts at the top, and though the media are quick to tout vaccination rates in southern/red states, they don’t like to talk much about the low vaccination rates in the Hispanic and black communities, which are key voting blocs for the Democratic party.

Have those people been looking to Trump and other Republicans for advice about masks and the vaccine? I don’t think so. If they’re even looking to political leaders at all about whether or not to get vaccinated, it’s the Biden administration and other Democrats they’re listening to, the same ones who keep flouting the rules they put in place for everyone else.

As per the norm, Psaki dodged and weaved in response to Doocy’s questions, making numerous false claims in the process, and failing to take responsibility. The non-answers in and of themselves could very well contribute to more vaccine hesitancy, as more and more people including those generally inclined to go with what the government says become increasingly fed up with having their intelligence insulted. Can’t say as I blame them.


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