Biden Flouts Own Mask Mandate and Supports Vaccine Passports to Enter Restaurants, Gyms

We’ve seen Democrats, including Joe Biden, now moving back to try to impose restrictions on people.

Biden just imposed a mask mandate in the White House regardless of vaccination status.


But that doesn’t mean that they actually adhere to their own mandates.

Here’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:

Here’s State Department spokesperson Ned Price:

But then there’s Joe Biden himself, who flouts his own mandate.

Hey, but remember, as Mayor Muriel Bowser also showed here and here that those rules are just for the little people.

Meanwhile, Biden also endorsed states and cities requiring proof of vaccination to enter things like restaurants and gyms which they just imposed in New York City.

Here’s New York Mayor Bill de Blasio explaining what they’re going to do in New York that Biden just endorsed.


He talks about, basically, the government forcing you to get the vaccination to fully participate in society and says straight up they will force you to get it to have that participation. “Unless we want to run the risk of going back to restrictions and having our freedom taken away,” de Blasio says. But he’s already imposing restrictions and removing freedoms with this move.

On top of that, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. He’s saying if you get one shot, you’ll be able to do all those things. But the one shot doesn’t actually provide protection, so what sense does that actually make, according to their logic?

But this is what Biden is encouraging. He may not be able to do it federally but he’ll support people being pushed into it on the state, city, colleges, schools, and businesses. They’ll shame businesses to join in and push this so just to be able to live you will be forced into it. It will essentially work like it’s national — without actually being national — if they are able to succeed in this. But this will further harm businesses and people’s lives. There are people that even if vaccinated wouldn’t support any business that would do that. It’ll be another mess, courtesy of Biden and the Democrats.


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