Joe Biden Signs EO Mandating Mask-Wearing on Federal Property, Immediately Violates It (Video)

In the aftermath of all the excessive media drooling, and the Very Important fashion updates about the Inauguration Day attire of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their respective spouses, the newly sworn-in president got busy signing a wave of executive orders, many of which sought to undo President Trump’s legacy.


His first executive order, in particular, was met with much swooning and fanfare in mainstream media and Democrat circles, and it revolved around mandating mask-wearing on federal property:

Here was Associated Press White House reporter Jon Lemire, doing some predictable media fangirling over Biden wearing a mask in the Oval Office:

Biden (or his handlers, most likely) tweeted about the mask mandate a few hours later:

But sometime between the time he signed the Executive Order and that “POTUS” Twitter account tweet went out about the mask mandate on federal property, Joe Biden was caught on video … not wearing a mask while on federal property:


According to Twitter user “bubbaprog”, who tweeted out the original video of Biden maskless that garnered so much attention, Biden “wore his mask immediately prior to this and put it back on as soon as he finished his TV hit”:

So apparently there’s an unwritten exception to the federal property mask mandate EO if you so happen to be the president of the United States and are doing fawning interviews after virtue signaling about how it’s “patriotic” to wear a mask.

As usual, there is one set of rules for everyone else (Republicans specifically) on the CDC’s pandemic guidelines, and none for Democrats who continue to talk out of both sides of their mouths – maskless – when it comes to mask-wearing and trying to mask-shame others.

Don’t look for the Media Mask Patrol™ to commence in any finger-pointing at Biden over this, however, because it’s all about the “optics” and stuff – which, when translated, means Democrats get to say one thing while doing another as often as they want to.


Case in point:

‘Nuff said.

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