Good Grief: Cringeworthy Video of Kamala Harris Kissing Husband With Masks ON

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

We’ve seen a lot of crazy things during the pandemic.

We’ve seen Democrats claim to be the “party of science” while acting like anything but.


We’ve seen a tremendous amount of virtue signaling from the Biden folks on the Wuhan coronavirus, such as Joe Biden doing a Zoom call with world leaders and being the only one wearing a mask when he was by himself. We saw during Biden’s Congressional address that they limited the number of members who could be in the chamber with incredibly far social distancing, but then after the speech the Democrats then all congregated together, blowing that all that social distancing – and Biden was touching many of them.

But today’s example from the Biden regime really may take the cake for virtue signaling, insanity, or I don’t know what. All I can say is, don’t let this ever be you. Watch as Kamala Harris kisses her husband goodbye before she climbs aboard a plane to go somewhere we know isn’t the border. Now, that’s pretty normal. Except for the part where they’re both masked in the process while outdoors and vaccinated. That’s far from normal.

This is so incredibly dumb, I can’t even say how dumb it is. Words are insufficient. But if you’re wearing a mask to kiss your significant other with whom you have been living, something has gone wrong in your mind and in your life.


Oh, and if that wasn’t dumb and performative enough, in and of itself, what her trip was about just added to it. She was flying to Rhode Island on an unannounced trip to a bookstore where she bought four books – one about “white male rage” – and to talk about the infrastructure plan. So completely ridiculous trip, waste of money, theater. This is what she’s doing rather than going to the border and dealing with the crisis there in person.

From Daily Mail:

Harris made an unannounced stop at ‘Books on the Square’ while in Providence, where the vice president purchased ‘The Topeka School’, which explores the roots of white male rage; ‘The Nickel Boys’, centered around the underground railroad; ‘Simply Julia’, a cookbook that looks at ‘food equity’; and the novel ‘The Dutch House’.

I’d ask what “food equity” is but I don’t think I even want to try with that today.

CDC guidance now is that those vaccinated do not need to wear face coverings while outside with each other. So they’re not acting in accordance with the “science” of their own officials, much less acting with common sense.


We are in such bizarro-land with the Biden regime.


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