Here's the One Thing Biden Advised People Spreading 'Misinformation' to Do That He Should Do Himself

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It never fails to amaze me how the Biden White House’s messaging on any given issue can go from bad to worse in a New York minute.

The most shining example of this has been their messaging on the coronavirus vaccine and masks. Literally on day one of Biden’s presidency, within hours of his inauguration, he was breaking his own federal mandate on wearing masks on federal property along with members of his family. When asked about it the next day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki had the nerve to suggest that there were more pressing issues to deal with under the new administration than the President of the United States breaking his own rules on an issue he made central to his campaign.


It hasn’t gotten better since then, as we’ve extensively reported, between a fully-vaccinated President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden wearing masks outside after visiting former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter in May to Vice President Kamala Harris and “First Gentleman” Doug Emhoff – both of who are also fully vaccinated – kissing each other with their masks on outside before she prepared to board a plane that same week.

All this as they were imploring people to get the vaccine so America could get back to normal sans masks and social distancing.

Fast forward to now, and the latest issue the White House is having to contend with is their doubling down on their announcement last week of how they have a snitch program in place where members of the Surgeon General’s office trawl the posts of private citizens on Facebook for alleged misinformation to report to the FB higher-ups for review and possible action.

One of the most disturbing aspects about this particular issue is in how the Biden administration is completely unapologetic about what they’re doing, giving the excuse that it’s okay for the federal government to monitor people’s opinions on the coronavirus and the vaccine because they (the government) have a “responsibility to save lives” and that the best way to do that is to flag alleged misinformation in hopes of getting it removed.

But what about all the misinformation that has spewed from various members of this administration, including Biden, Harris, Dr. Fauci and others? During remarks he gave earlier today trying to justify the White House’s position, Biden said that those who are allegedly spreading “misinformation” need to “look in the mirror” and understand the impact their words can have on others including members of their family:


“I’m trying to get people to look in the mirror, think about that misinformation going to your son, your daughter, your relative, someone you love. That’s what I’m asking,” Biden said following a speech touting the economic recovery and making his case for the infrastructure proposals being negotiated in Congress.”


In addition to the mixed vaccine/masked messaging examples above, let’s again revisit how both Biden and Harris as as candidates for president and vice president deliberately undermined public confidence the vaccine last fall as President Trump was touting its possible availability before the end of the year:

That’s a very damaging video, and it highlights the elephant in the room that no one in the media wants to talk about: How Biden and Harris sowed doubts about the vaccine for political purposes in an effort to defeat Trump last year by insinuating that maybe it wouldn’t be safe.

Magically, their doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness disappeared after election day. But even though they changed their tunes on it after the media projected them to be the winners of the election, those doubts lingered in the minds of many of the voters they worked to win over, which brings us to the other elephant in the room Democrats and the media don’t want to talk much about:


The low rates for vaccination in black and Hispanic communities. For all the talk about how it’s conservatives in red states who are more likely than anyone else not to opt to get the vaccine, no one seems to want to put the blame on the Biden administration for the vaccine hesitancy that exists in communities of color that came, in part, from what Biden and Harris said about it last year. The hesitancy has been bad enough that Biden has sent Harris out to various cities around the country this year to encourage people to take it.

In short, they’ve been having to try to undo the damage they did in 2020 when they spread misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine because they wanted to win an election.

When it comes to spreading misinformation, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to be the ones spending the most time looking in the mirror. Because for a year now they’ve been trying to have it both ways on masking and vaccines, saying one thing and doing another and then telling you that whatever they say it’s for your own good.

There’s a reason why, in my opinion, the renewed calls from the left for mask mandates won’t catch fire, even in some areas where voters tend to fall in line with whatever Democrats say: The messaging from this White House has been inconsistent and hypocritical from the start, and more and more people are simply fed up and making their own decisions about being safe, and are trying to go about their daily business without being dictated to by politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouths.


Can’t say as I blame them.

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