Savage Video Just Rips Apart Democrats' Lies About Vaccine Hesitancy

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Democrats have been pushing trying to target Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with all kinds of false attacks, especially in regard to his Wuhan coronavirus response.

As we noted, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Joe Biden have been going after him because he’s fought against mandates. But DeSantis destroyed Biden yesterday, just leveling him with how Biden pushes all kinds of restrictions on Americans yet basically opens the gate and lets in illegal aliens, with many of those being positive for the virus. A report provided to the McAllen, Texas city commission found that 13% of the 7015 who had been tested between 7/22-7/28 after being dropped in the town tested positive. That’s 917 people. That’s just a small slice of the problem. DeSantis let Biden have it in response, saying, “Why don’t you get this border secure? Until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you.”


As Townhall observed, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer then called DeSantis an “anti-vaccine person.”

Now that’s laughable, given all the effort that DeSantis has taken to get vaccines to people, especially the elderly population in Florida. But it’s just another flat-out lie from the Democrats. It shows you how worried they are about DeSantis that they just can’t stop making up stuff. It’s like the effort they took to go after President Donald Trump. They just can’t be honest about their opposition.

But as we’ve said before, when Trump was president, the Democrats did everything they could to cast doubt on the vaccine. Why? Simply because Trump was behind it; because he pulled off a real miracle in getting it done. It was Democrats, including Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, among others, who were pushing vaccine hesitancy.


GOP operative Arthur Schwartz laid out Psaki with a great video showing that hesitancy.

Now they’ve flipped and are acting as though they were always in favor of it and chastising anyone for raising any questions about it. But the Internet is forever, kids, and we can actually see what you said and what hypocritical people you are. The vaccine is only “good” now to them because they can try to credit Biden for it. Does anyone doubt that if Trump were in office they would still be attacking the vaccine? So if Schumer is looking at who were the “anti-vaccine” people, he might want to check the history of his own party.


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