Moore to the Point - Close Encounters of the Weird Kind

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As odd as it was for the nation to start the week abuzz over a Chinese spy balloon drifting through US airspace, who knew that wouldn’t wind up being the weirdest news of the week? By my last count, we’re up to four airborne objects – three of them, as yet, unidentified – three shootdowns, and now, multiple Notices to Air Missions shutting down airspace, first over Montana, then over Lake Michigan, and now over Lake Huron for reports of an “active air defense operation.” Oh, and then there were the green lasers over Hawaii’s night sky.


But that’s just the aerial weirdness. This past week also featured the second State of the Union address for Joe Biden – an event that included a verbal slap fight between a Republican Senator and Congressman, spirited audience heckling, a shouting president challenging his dwindling audience to name one world leader who’d willingly trade spots with Xi Xinping — the guy who presently presides over the world’s second-largest economy and largest military — and, perhaps weirdest of all, an oddly intimate, lingering lip-lock between the First Lady and the Second Gentleman.

The weird week that was also featured: Congressional leaders grilling former Twitter execs, the FBI searching former VP Mike Pence’s home, while declaring war on Catholics, and a major outage of Twitter and other major websites.


Had enough weirdness yet?


This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, February 13th. Audio included below.



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