Mitt Romney Confronts George Santos After State of the Union, Says He's a 'Sick Puppy'

Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was just a full-on disorganized mess of lies.

Frankly, it was pretty boring on the whole because he talked about all the same things he generally lies about, and without much substance. He lied about the economy, the attack on Paul Pelosi and China, among other things. But the lie that threw the room into chaos was when Biden claimed that Republicans wanted to “sunset” (cut) Social Security and Medicare. That’s when the room erupted and they all called him out from the floor on his lie.


There was another point of drama that had nothing to do with Biden (or his wife), and that was the heated exchange between Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). Romney told Santos that Santos didn’t belong there, and it went downhill from there.

In part of the exchange, Santos came back at Romney and seemingly told him, “tell that to the 142,000 who voted for me.” It then sounds like Romney called him an ass (very bold for the man of faith, but it could have been part of a longer word), and Santos returned the favor, calling Romney an “a**hole.”

To me, it looked like Santos got the better of the battle as Romney wanted to yell at him but Santos wasn’t backing down from him.


Later Romney let loose on Santos to reporters, telling them he thought Santos was a “sick puppy”  who shouldn’t have been there, sitting in the middle aisle trying to shake peoples’ hands, and that he should have been hiding out in the back somewhere, “given the fact that he’s under an ethics investigation.”

Romney said he was disappointed that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hadn’t called on Santos to resign. But this is vintage Mitt Romney. He’s always ready to call out and attack Republicans. Where is he when it comes to calling out the lies of Joe Biden about his college career or, frankly, some of his more important fabrications? Here’s Romney standing and clapping for Joe’s economic lies. Biden was also talking about a “50 beer low” — what is that when you’ve had too much to drink?


I didn’t see Romney among the people calling out Joe Biden when most of the rest of the Republican room was calling him out.

Santos replied on social media in a tweet that was deleted but later reposted.

Santos has told some big ones. But that one is likely a big truth that Romney doesn’t want to hear.


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