Self-Styled 'Journalist' Declares Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Had 'No Victims,' and Hoo Boy

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In the aftermath of Tuesday's news on President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, being found guilty on all three gun-related charges he faced, reactions have been pouring in from all sides, with the Usual Suspects on the left engaging in some full-scale delusions mixed with heaping portions of coping and seething.


With the guilty verdict, Hunter Biden became the first offspring of a sitting president of the United States to have a criminal conviction under their belt - and is now officially a convicted felon. This is something Joe Biden's defenders are bizarrely claiming demonstrates the supposed "fairness" of the judicial system, especially in the aftermath of the Trump guilty verdict and claims from the Trump camp about how all of it is a political set-up.

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In the midst of it all, another insane talking point has emerged, this one from so-called "journalist" Aaron Rupar. 

Mr. Rupar, a former writer and a preferred source for some purportedly objective reporters in the MSM, has become infamous in social media circles over the years for deliberately editing and shortening video clips to take what people say/what happened out of context in order to advance far-left narratives about conservatives.

Here was his initial hot take on the verdict:

Well, hmm. I think Navy Roberts, if she was old enough to know what was going on, would beg to differ:


So, too, would some of his other victims, as Sam from our sister site made sure to point out:

There are also the allegations of Hunter Biden paying "for prostitutes from an Eastern European sex-trafficking ring" and the credible allegations of Mann Act violations involving allegedly transporting (underaged?) prostitutes across state lines.

But let's focus on his grotesque neglect of Navy Roberts since that one is so well-documented.

Among other things related to Navy Roberts, Hunter Biden:

– Initially refused to take responsibility for her by denying she was his.
– Has reportedly never visited Navy Roberts, and has said he has no memory of the “encounter” he had with Navy's mother, Lunden Roberts.
– Lived the high life while pretending to be a starving artist who couldn’t afford child support.
– Did not want Navy Roberts to have the Biden name, and got Lunden Roberts to agree to it.

I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made.

I do not wish ill will on anyone, but as I've said before, in an era where talk of "privilege" is all the rage in Democrat circles and as people are considering who to vote for in the presidential election, it is essential that stories about the Biden family's rampant corruption as well as their abhorrent actions relating to Navy Roberts get airtime. 


The Bidens are the definition of the word privilege, and as far as I'm concerned, any spotlight that can be shined on that inconvenient truth is a good thing. That includes news of Hunter Biden's conviction, which once again allows us the opportunity to remind folks who the Biden family really are as their media/Democrat apologists try to paint a far more humbling, wholesome picture than the one that actually exists.

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