No, the Hunter Biden Verdict Wasn't About 'Fairness'—and What About That Pardon?

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On Tuesday, a jury finally found Hunter Biden guilty on three gun charges.

[M]aking a false statement during a background check to deceive a federally licensed firearms dealer in Wilmington, Delaware—his father's home turf (Count 1), making a false statement on a form that the seller kept as the firearm transaction record (Count 2), and illegally possessing the gun over an 11-day period (Count 3).


Two of the charges have a maximum sentence of 19 years, the third has a maximum of 5 years. There's also a possible maximum fine of $250,000 per charge.

But given he's a first offender, he would likely get less than that, and the charges would probably run concurrently, not consecutively. 

The left is already claiming this verdict proves the "fairness" of the system, with folks like MSNBC's Chuck Todd trying to sell us on how this was a "really good day for the American system."

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Horse hockey. 

We finally got a verdict -- after years of delay on the matter, after all kinds of suppression by the media and lies from Joe Biden himself about the laptop. We had 51 former intelligence officials falsely suggest to us that it was likely "Russian disinformation," and much of the liberal media echoed it. That may have affected the 2020 election. 

While he was pursued on this, it was only after the judge had blown up a plea deal that had been worked out. 

This is to be able to say "no one is above the law" -- without not touching any of the alleged influence-peddling, all the money from foreign nationals, or Joe Biden. There are still the tax charges where some of the foreign national money questions might come into play. 


But no, it isn't fairness when the statute of limitations is allowed to expire on some of Hunter's misdeeds while former President Donald Trump has a statute of limitations that was dead, reincarnated by novel interpretations of the law, where Democrats ran on getting him and pursued the man rather than the crime. You even had CNN's Jake Tapper and Fareed Zakaria questioning the case and CNN's legal analyst Elie Honig calling it a contortion of the law. 

I will give this jury credit for evaluating the evidence and not being swayed by any extraneous efforts to influence them. 

Joe Biden told ABC's David Muir in France that he would not pardon Hunter if he was convicted. He reiterated that again in a statement after the conviction. But we're talking Joe Biden, the guy who lies like he breathes, the guy who promised not to leave Afghanistan without getting Americans out. Then he left hundreds behind and thousands of allies. I wouldn't trust him further than I can throw him. 

If he loses, he'll do it because it won't matter. If he wins, he'll do it because he'll think he can weather the storm for a few days and he doesn't have to run again. 


Hunter will likely appeal, so I wonder whether, even if he gets a reasonable sentence, he will actually serve it. 


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