WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Gives a 'Parental Discretion' Warning During Whistleblower Hearing, Shows Graphic Pics of Hunter Biden and His 'Paralegal'

Marjorie Taylor Greene shows pictures of Hunter Biden having sex as she presents evidence he illegally trafficked women (7/19/23). (Credit: Twitter/Townhall)

The ongoing IRS whistleblower hearing on Capitol Hill has been anything but boring. Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, both career IRS agents, have given damning evidence of DOJ corruption in handling the investigation of Hunter Biden. Both men have also described a coordinated effort to protect Joe Biden and other members of the Biden family from any scrutiny.


Things were set to get even more interesting, though. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene received the microphone after lunch as the hearing continued, and she produced what will no doubt be the most viral clips of the day.

In what was a necessary move in hindsight, Greene opened her questioning up with a “parental discretion” warning. She then proceeded to do this.

Note: I’ve purposely chosen video clips that are censored, but rest assured that they weren’t in the hearing.

Here’s the full segment for those interested in seeing it.

The theatrics of showing pictures of Hunter Biden with escorts obviously took center stage, and that’s what everyone will be talking about after this. Rep. Jamie Raskin interrupted to express his outrage at one point while not quibbling with the substance. Greene kept chugging through her questions, though, asking the whistleblowers what they knew about Hunter Biden claiming sex club memberships and flights for prostitutes on his taxes.


RedState had previously reported on those revelations, including the fact that Hunter Biden claimed a sex club membership as a “golf membership” on his taxes. IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler confirmed that detail during the hearing. He further confirmed that he and his team were investigating Hunter Biden under the MANN Act.

At issue is the fact that it is illegal to transport a woman across state lines and then pay them for sex. That elevates the act of paying for prostitution to a federal offense because it is then considered sex trafficking. In this case, Hunter Biden is accused of having paid to fly a prostitute to him.

On that note, Greene provided a receipt of Hunter Biden paying for a flight from Los Angeles to Washington, DC for a woman he would later photograph himself having sex with. He then flew her back the next day. The pictures are on the poster Greene holds up.

Immediately after Greene’s questioning, outrage exploded online, with several surrogates for Joe Biden sounding off.


Was showing the pictures the right thing to do? People can fight about that, but certainly, it added a level of context to the hearings that Democrats desperately wanted to avoid. Further, I don’t think Victor Shi or anyone who supports Joe Biden has any leg to stand on when it comes to lecturing people on “decency.”

As this hearing has shown, Hunter Biden is a grotesque individual and alleged abuser of women. That Democrats are bothering to defend him is shocking in and of itself. You would hope they’d have some lines. Instead, you’ve got politicians going to bat for a man who is credibly accused of having trafficked women. On second thought, shocking doesn’t begin to describe it.



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