We Need to Talk About Something Even Worse That Happened at the TN ‘Transurrection'

Left-wing activists protest inside the Tennessee State Capitol building, March 30, 2023. (Credit: Breitbart News)

We reported Thursday on the shameful incidents that took place at the Tennessee State Capitol among the “protesters” who were assembled there, some of the Democratic state lawmakers, and so-called reporters alike.


To recap, three days after the Nashville Christian elementary school mass shooting that involved a transgender person murdering six innocent people including three children, rabid transgender “rights” activists and gun control zealots stormed their way into the building and disrupted official proceedings. Not only that but three woke members of the Tennessee House joined in on the “protests,” with one using a bullhorn on the House floor to chant “no action, no peace.”

Making matters worse was that certain “reporters” were going full Baghdad Bob in painting the aggressive agitators in the most flattering of lights despite what video clearly showed was going on – what some on Twitter called a “transurrection.”

Perhaps worst of all, however, was footage that began circulating hours after the transurrection took place. In it, you hear someone who is presumably one of the “protest” organizers encouraging people to hold up seven fingers, in what sounds like an apparent attempt at declaring 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who identified as “he/him,” as the seventh victim of the Monday shooting massacre she orchestrated shortly before Metro Nashville police officers located her and took care of business.


“Every death is a tragedy, y’all. Seven lives,” the person can be heard stating as numerous people in the crowd held up seven fingers.


When I first saw this video, it took my breath away.

I’ve seen a lot over my decades on this planet, with some of it making me cry and some of it making my blood boil. Watching these people declare Audrey Hale as the “seventh victim”—even though she was the deranged person who stole the lives of three nine-year-olds and the three adults charged with their care—sickened and enraged me to the absolute core. I can only imagine the pain this will cause the families of the actual victims when and if they see it.


Sadly, the sentiment expressed by the TN transurrectionists is not that far off from what both the media and Biden White House have proclaimed about the mass shooting as well.

I’ve read the reports about how Hale had mental health issues and supposedly was getting treatment. I’ve also read the stories about how she allegedly had no support from her parents when she came out as “transgender.” I don’t know the extent, if any, where “society” may have failed Hale in that she needed help and maybe couldn’t get the type of help that she may have needed.

But regardless, that does not – I repeat – NOT make her one of the victims of what happened Monday.

That this even needs to be said, emphasized, shows – despite all the good we have going on here – how deeply we’ve fallen as a country on many fronts, especially moral and spiritual. Right is wrong and wrong is right, good is bad and bad is good these days, and the ugliness of moral relativism is raising its head again. All of this is happening in large part because we have “leaders” in this country who refuse to actually lead and take a stand against the nonsense.

We can and should fight back as hard as we can in the court of public opinion, but something else we can also be doing is praying. And often. Leaning on God is the one thing that gets me through a lot of what’s happening in this world right now. Because even though I believe in American exceptionalism and believe that anything is possible in the greatest country on earth, I’m struggling to make sense as to how this ship gets righted – or if it even can be at this point.

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