White House Delivers Disgusting Message on Left-Wing Violence, Claims Trans People Are the Real Victims

White House Delivers Disgusting Message on Left-Wing Violence, Claims Trans People Are the Real Victims
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The far-left has been lashing out in new and disturbing ways over the last week. By far the worst act happened on Monday when a radicalized transgender man (i.e. a woman) entered a Nashville Christian school, murdering six people, including three small children. Police have indicated a political motive and have recovered a manifesto that is set to be released to the public in the future.

On Thursday, things got violent again, this time in the form of multiple breaches by left-wing activists of state capitol buildings. In Tennessee, police were assaulted as protesters forced their way into the legislative chamber, causing legislators to have to flee. Meanwhile, in Kentucky, a group of transgender activists stormed the capitol in an attempt to stop a law banning child mutilation under the guise of “gender-affirming care.”

It feels like the country is on a knife’s edge as militant left-wing elements turn to violence, and this would be a time for strong leadership from the White House. Astonishingly, though, the Biden administration is excusing the violence and instead painting the perpetrators as victims.

These clips are outright shocking in context.

A transgender shooter just shot up a Christian school and the White House is asserting that it’s the trans community that is under attack? Could this administration be any more sociopathic? Kids are now dead due to violence from the transgender community. That is not equivalent to some deranged lunatic not getting to dance sexually in front of small children at a “drag show.”

The White House is point-blank admitting that they do not care if Christians are murdered. All they are concerned with is protecting those they see as political allies. That leaves the realm of simple disagreement and enters the realm of abject evil. If Jean-Pierre had one moral bone in her body, she would have refused to push that ridiculous narrative.

When pressed on the stormings of two state capitols by anti-gun and transgender activists, Jean-Pierre actually excused the violence and suggested we need to be lifting up trans kids.

Lifting up our trans kids? It’s like the mass shooting in Nashville didn’t even happen. Non-trans kids were just shot in cold blood by a militant trans man and just days later, the White House is promoting “Trans Visibility Day.” I can’t even fathom how deranged one must be to do that.

I’d really like someone to explain to me how the United States survives as a country when you’ve got one side dismissing murder, choosing to instead prioritize the affirmation of mental illness. That’s exactly what the White House is doing, and it’s disgusting. I don’t want to hear another word from Joe Biden about the “soul of the nation.” He’s not healing the nation’s soul. He’s tearing it apart.

The trans community is not “under attack.” Christians are under attack. Lawmakers standing up against the abuse of children are under attack. Rational people who believe a man can’t become a woman are under attack. The trans community is full of pampered militants living out their delusions while being patted on the back by a major political party. That’s not sustainable, and they are certainly not the real victims in this situation.

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