'Reporter' Goes Full Baghdad Bob in Disgraceful Display During Tennessee Transurrection

Transgender activists storm the Tennessee Capitol Building (3/30/23). (Credit: Twitter/Jack Posobiec)

We reported earlier on how a transurrection is underway in the Tennessee Capitol building as a mixture of rabid transgender “rights” activists and gun control zealots stormed their way in to the state legislature and not only disrupted official proceedings but also took over what appears to be a speaker’s podium and started yelling through a bullhorn.


As you might imagine, the scene is chaotic, to say the least, with the images and videos being published to social media (including the feature photo above) not doing the “protesters” and their alleged plight any favors.

Here’s one such example:

The violent insurrection comes just days after the mass shooting that took place at a privately-owned Christian elementary school in Nashville where 28-year-old former student Audrey Hale, who identified as “he/him,” shot her way into the school and murdered six, including three children.

At issue for the far-left activists who forced their way in are two things: 1) gun rights, and how they feel no one should have one, and 2) what they (and their media allies) see as the “victimization” of the trans community despite the fact that it was a transgender person who committed the heinous act Monday, targeting the school with multiple high-powered weapons in part because she knew security was tighter at other targets she’d considered.


But as per the norm, their are members of the press who are trying to portray the militant agitators in the most flattering of lights possible despite what we all saw go down in the video clips.

Case in point, Kelsey Gibbs from Nashville TV station NewsChannel 5, who first posted a tweet that included a video of the “protesters” deliberately trying to stir the pot and noting that “emotions were high” and that some of the radicals were trying to stop some of the state legislators from leaving to go to the bathroom:

As noted above, however, Gibbs deleted the tweet and then posted it with different language that was much more sympathetic to the rowdy crowd that had assembled, calling the pushing and shoving that was going on and the purposeful attempts at barring the legislators from leaving a “peaceful protest”:


Baghdad Bob, CNN and MSNBC sure would be proud, wouldn’t they?

Remember these gems?

The insufferable Democrat apologists in the MSM are nothing if not infuriatingly predictable, aren’t they?

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