WATCH: Left-Wing Protesters Storm TN Capitol, Insurrection Reaches the Legislative Chamber

Transgender activists storm the Tennessee Capitol Building (3/30/23). (Credit: Twitter/Jack Posobiec)

As of this writing, there’s currently an insurrection occurring in Tennessee with left-wing transgender and anti-gun protesters storming the state’s capitol building.


Things kicked off earlier on Thursday morning when the large group of delusional hysterics breached the main doors and occupied the lobby. By lunchtime, they had made it into the legislative chamber. In one video, you can see state legislators scrambling to escape as protesters enter the upper balconies above them.

Other videos show protesters shoving police officers as they try to hold back the crowd from getting to the legislators. These are exactly the kinds of scenes we saw on January 6th that had the mainstream press hyperventilating for multiple years.

You have to love that the left-wing reporter deleted her original tweet because she wanted to make sure and say the protest was “peaceful.”


I have been assured by the press and Democrat politicians that this kind of behavior is a danger to our democracy. In this case, these protesters used violent means to illegally enter the Capitol with the goal of shutting down the legislative process. It appears they succeeded, at least in the short term.

Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee, must take swift action. Not only should he deploy the law enforcement resources necessary to clear out the Capitol, but he must speak forcibly about what happened. Militant left-wing activists stormed the state’s capitol, and that can’t be allowed to stand unchallenged. This isn’t the time to play nice or to show deference.

The motivation for these acts is just terrible. The protesters appear to be a mix of anti-gun activists and transgender activists. Regarding the former, a militant transgender person shot up a Christian school and left a manifesto of her political beliefs. The gun didn’t shoot itself. Instead, the shooter was radicalized by far-left rhetoric, and those deflecting from that point are disgusting. As to the latter, Tennessee lawmakers are doing the will of their constituents by banning “gender-affirming care” for minors, which is just a euphemism for child mutilation.


It’s time for rational people to stand up and say enough is enough. We will not be bullied by these deranged ideologues. GOP politicians have to speak with conviction on these topics. There is no middle ground to be found. That means arrests and jail time in response to this breach, not just a strongly-worded rebuke. The standard was set after January 6th on how to treat these kinds of events. Time for some consistency.


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