Nashville Shooting: Female Shooter, Six Killed, 'Gun Safety' Lobbyist Hijacks End of Police Presser

Nashville Christian school shooting presser. (Credit: MSNBC)

There’s now more information about the shooting at the private Nashville Christian elementary school, The Covenant School, which is a Presbyterian school of about 200 students between preschool and sixth grade.


The police are now saying that three children and three adults were killed in the shooting. It’s not clear how many people may have been injured.

The shooter was killed after being “engaged” by police responding to the scene. The shooter is a female. She came into the school with two rifles and a handgun, authorities said during a briefing on the shooting. She entered through a side entrance.

The police initially said that they thought she was a teen but she’s now being identified as a 28-year-old on Fox News.

A “gun safety” lobbyist also tried to hijack the end of the police remarks in a shameful stunt as the police and the community are trying to deal with all this. Then she started spewing things when she has no idea about the facts.

CNN highlighted this woman.


This incident isn’t about you, Lady. It’s about the people affected by the situation now. Six families just lost people and we don’t know how many people were injured. The police have enough to deal with already without this. It’s hard to believe that anyone would do something like this.

Democratic state Rep. Bob Freeman, whose district includes The Covenant School, called Monday’s shooting an “unimaginable tragedy.”

“I live around the corner from Covenant and pass by it often. I have friends who attend both church and school there,” Freeman said in a statement. “I have also visited the church in the past. It tears my heart apart to see this.”

We will keep you updated as this is a developing story.


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