New: Dramatic Video Released by Nashville PD Shows Moment They Found and Fired on Audrey Hale

The moment Metropolitan Nashville police officers found and fired on Nashville mass shooter Audrey Hale, March 27, 2023. (Credit: MNPD.)

RedState reported overnight on video footage released from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department showing mass shooter Audrey Hale, 28, shooting her way into the Covenant School in Nashville on Monday and hunting for targets as she walked down the hallways of the school she reportedly once attended.


Hale, a transgender person who identifies as “he/him” according to social media profiles, ultimately murdered six people including three children at the elementary school before she was located and fired upon by police officers, which killed her.

In an update to this story, the MNPD has just released bodycam video from the two officers directly involved in finding her and then taking action to contain the threat.

In the first clip, seen below, you see and hear from Officer Rex Engelbert’s perspective on how the police were furiously trying to track down Hale’s exact location so they could stop her from committing more violence. At the time, Hale appeared to be firing outside of a second-story window down to where other law enforcement officers were stationed.

Toward the end of the video, you see officers engage Hale and then shoot her. She immediately went down. As the officers moved in closer to Hale, they ordered Hale – who was laying on the floor at that point – to move her hand away from the gun. It’s unclear from the video if she was moving at that point:


The longer video, seen below, includes Engelbert’s bodycam footage as well as the perspective of the other officer who directly confronted Hale, Michael Collazo. In it, a closer angle of Hale laying on the floor is seen:

A former teammate of Hale’s told a local news station that Hale reached out to her on Instagram just prior to the mass shooting, saying “something bad is about to happen” and “I don’t want to live. I’m so sorry. I’m not trying to upset you or get attention. I just need to die.”

According to news reports, investigators are reading and analyzing an alleged “manifesto” left by Hale as they look for a motive and explore the possibility that the deadly rampage was motivated in any way by Hale’s LGBTQ status.

While the motive is still being investigated, unfortunately Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are already doing their thing in blaming the right and their respect for the Second Amendment along with the alleged “hate” they have for transgender persons, as evidenced by ABC News “reporter” Terry Moran’s heavily biased report pointing to legislation passed by the Tennessee legislature and signed into law earlier this month by Gov. Bill Lee that heavily restricts drag queen shows and in essence outlaws gender-affirming healthcare services for minors.


Relatedly, the Washington Post disgustingly tried to link Rep. Andy Ogles to the Nashville mass shooting (which occurred in his Congressional district) because he once posted a Christmas photo of him, his wife and children holding firearms.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims, their families and friends, and the Nashville community at this difficult time.

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