More Revealing Laptop Emails Show How Conflated Hunter and Joe's Worlds Are

Joe Biden has constantly denied that he knew anything about his son’s business dealings. But not only have we shown what a lie that is, it’s clear that it wasn’t only Hunter’s business dealings, but the family, including Joe, were involved, according to reports.


However, not only was Joe meeting with his son’s partners, but Joe’s associates were also involved in dealing with Hunter and the Hunter issue. We saw how Secretary of State Antony Blinken was involved in trying to make the Hunter problem go away. He and the Biden campaign were reportedly behind the infamous letter signed by the 51 former intelligence officials. The purpose of course was to help Biden in the election, as former CIA head Michael Morrell admitted. That letter may have helped to denigrate the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the election and it could have had a significant difference. Then Biden lied about the laptop being Russian disinformation during the debate with Trump, even though the campaign was behind the false story.

George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley calls Blinken a “made man” — making the great point that after all this, then Blinken became Secretary of State.

There are new reports that Blinken and his wife were also involved in email communication with Hunter Biden and meetings. We wrote about the Blinken relationship that included emails and meetings back on November 24, 2020. As I said at the time, “Why is Blinken so interesting? Because he met with Hunter Biden to give “advice” while Hunter was on the board of Burisma, Joe was the point man on Ukraine and he, Blinken, was Deputy Secretary of State in the State Department under Barack Obama.”


Then remember that whole story about Joe Biden threatening to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired? The Democrats claimed Biden was doing it because the prosecutor wasn’t doing his job. Yet, as we’ve said, the prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s office raided the home of the Burisma founder on February 2, 2016, and seized property. That sure sounds like it was an investigation. That was announced in the Kyiv Post on Feb. 4, 2016. Interestingly, that was also the day that according to an email, Hunter Biden started following Blinken on Twitter. What a coincidence. I wonder what they were talking about?

There were also emails showing more contact with the Obama/Biden administration right around that time.

Then the prosecutor was formally fired at the end of March.


We’ve also written about the connections between Hunter’s former business part Eric Schwerin and the contacts with then Vice President Joe Biden’s staff.

So there are a lot of questions here.

Now there are more connections between Hunter and Joe’s world, with emails showing the relationship between Hunter and Joe’s co-campaign chair, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). According to Fox, Hunter Biden served as an “outside adviser” to Coons and helped Coons raise money for his 2010 Senate bid using his network of in-state and out-of-state business associates to contribute to Coons’ campaign. Coons sits on the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committees and has been close to Joe Biden for years. The emails with Coons staff about Hunter talking to them and being involved are extensive.

Here’s one example, an exchange with Tracy Buckman, Coons’ campaign finance director:

“We are getting as many pledges as possible for those who can write and raise at the $10,000 and $4,800 level,” Buckman wrote. “But, of course, support is welcome at any level listed on the invitation. Hunter, you mentioned that you might be able to get this out to your list of Chicago folks. That would be terrific. And, if there are any key names that you want to call, that is welcome. I think you mentioned that you would want to contact Michael Sachs, Mark Doyle and Donnie Sterano (so sorry if I am misspelling those names). Please feel free to call them.”

Doyle, who formerly served as a senior adviser to then-Sen. Joe Biden and the national finance director of Biden’s unsuccessful presidential run in 2008, donated $500 to Coons on July 29.

Fox News Digital previously reported that Doyle, who was a registered Serbian foreign agent months earlier, was coordinating the scheduling of an investment meeting with Serbia’s president and Serbian “high net worth individuals” in email exchanges with Hunter Biden and the Serbian Ambassador to the United States.


One email even listed Hunter as part of Coons’ “Delaware Advisory Group” back in 2012.

Once again, there appears to be a conflation of Joe/Hunter’s worlds here. If Coons is helping to run the campaign, how is he going to answer questions about Hunter Biden when he has that kind of relationship and Hunter was involved in helping get him elected? They can try to hold Hunter at arm’s length but there are all kinds of questions that need to be asked and answered here.


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