Jordan: We Have Evidence of Connection Between Biden Campaign and Infamous 'Intel Letter' About Laptop

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The Hunter Biden laptop story began blowing up in October 2020, right before the election. In the middle of the month, the NY Post dropped a story that showed that Joe Biden had lied about not knowing anything about his son’s business and that he’d met with Hunter Biden’s business associate.


That triggered a massive effort to silence the story, including an effort on Twitter to suppress the sharing of it, locking the NY Post from their account and suspending people who dared to share the URL. They even locked the account of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and locked the account of the Daily Caller’s Andrew Kerr for tweeting evidence that no, the laptop didn’t involve a hack. It was an unprecedented display of bias.

But there was another despicable effort to shut down the story with the “intel letter” that was signed by 51 former members of the intelligence community. They tried to claim that because of their “experience,” the laptop looked like Russian disinformation to them. They even admitted they had no evidence to support their claim. But that didn’t prevent the media from running with this ridiculous letter and using it to try to squash the true laptop story. Joe Biden even spread that false story based on the intel letter at a debate with President Donald Trump when Biden knew the truth. The letter was used to try to discredit the laptop when in fact it was the letter that was false and interfering in the election, and Biden used it to help his campaign.


According to the House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, they now have evidence that the intel letter that came out had ties to the Biden campaign.

Jordan told Just the News he expects to release a report from the House panel on the weaponization of government later this month that lays out evidence and the players behind the letter, which many Republicans now say was a consequential interference in the last presidential election.

“It was all done with politics, and it looks like there was some some real connections with the Biden campaign,” Jordan said during an interview late last week on the John Solomon Reports podcast, declining to be more specific because there are more witness interviews being conducted this week.

For most of the last two years, the letter from 51 national security officials has been portrayed as an organic effort from the intelligence community to raise concerns that the emergence of Hunter Biden’s laptop in fall 2020 could be tied to a foreign power. The laptop has since been proven authentic, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has said it did not involve a foreign disinformation campaign.

Jordan pointed to two former Obama-era folks who had provided information: former acting Director Mike Morrell and Nick Shapiro, who was a former adviser to ex-Director John Brennan and a national security spokesman for Barack Obama.


“It seems to me that one of the key players here was Michael Morell, that he was one kind of coordinating this, working this together,” Jordan said. “And then there are a few other folks. We have talked to Nick Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro, I think, was the one kind of coordinating the outreach to the legacy media and how they wanted this story presented.”

If they have evidence, that’s a big deal. It would surprise no one, but that would nail Biden in a huge lie and election interference. It might also raise issues about things like undeclared contributions to the campaign. So break out the popcorn, and let’s get it on — it’s long since time that these folks were called to account.


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