Damning Emails Show the 'Cozy Relationship' Between Former VP Biden's Office and Hunter Biden's Business Partner

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Let’s review. Didn’t Joe Biden tell us that he never talks to his son (or his brother) about their business?

Here he is saying it—and some of the many ways that he’s been debunked.


Add one more with this story, because this is something else. Biden has the temerity to say this while his staff is in continuous communication with Hunter’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, who also helped to take care of Joe Biden’s accounts and taxes.

America First Legal (AFL) got documents under a request to the National Archives. The documents show the cozy communication between Eric Schwerin and Kate Bedingfield, who was then-Vice President Joe Biden’s press official at that time in 2015.


What was that you said again about that communication, Joe? And the Vice President’s office isn’t supposed to be used to help defend Hunter Biden, but it sure looks like that’s part of what was going on. Talk about a disturbing problem here.

They consulted about the media covering the Burisma issue.

Then there was this special tweet. Bedingfield says that Biden gave an interview to Bloomberg, and he told them he doesn’t talk to his son about his business — even as his press official is consulting with Hunter’s partner on the very question.

Schwerin then told Bedingfield — who’s supposed to be working for the VP and us — “to lean on the reporter to not run the story.” So, not only are VP staff “talking” about Hunter’s business, they appear to be taking direction from his partner.


Bedingfield indicated that the reporter wasn’t going to do it, unless “her editors hold a gun to her head” and would “absolutely not include other negative info.”

Again that shows not just the improper use of the office to defend Hunter but looks like the reporter was in cozy compliance with what the Biden team wanted.

But it turns out that the reporter’s editors must have held a gun to her head because the story ran, and both Schwerin and Bedingfield were upset that the leaning on her didn’t appear to have paid off.


AFL Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton said this was more than a little concerning.

But these additional records warrant special attention because they highlight for the American people the extent to which the Biden family and Rosemont Seneca expected the media to do their bidding. And they illustrate the influence over White House operations that Rosemont Seneca had–advancing not only Hunter Biden’s interests but those of a foreign company and former foreign officials. The American people deserve answers and accountability.” said Gene Hamilton.

Someone like Peter Doocy needs to drop these documents at the foot of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Joe Biden, and say: Please explain this in the face of all your prior lies on the subject.


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