Return of the Swamp Monsters: Biden's Pick for Sec of State's Meetings with Hunter Biden

If Joe Biden takes office, it’s sure looking like it would be the “Return of the Swamp Monsters.”

His picks for positions so far are a host of former Obama/Clinton folks guaranteed to make Iran and China feel very happy. Not to mention anyone who might want to enter the country illegally. Forget putting America first or any of the gains toward Middle East peace that President Donald Trump made or having Europe pay their fair share of NATO costs. These are the throwbacks to Barack Obama’s “let the world run right over us” and apology tour again.


About the best we can say is that he hasn’t named Susan Rice to a position yet, likely knowing she would face a hard time if she were a Cabinet pick.

But perhaps one of his most interesting picks is his long time aide, Antony Blinken.

Why is Blinken so interesting? Because he met with Hunter Biden to give “advice” while Hunter was on the board of Burisma, Joe was the point man on Ukraine and he, Blinken, was deputy Secretary of State in the State Department under Barack Obama.

From Fox News:

Records show that the younger Biden also had ties to Blinken, having scheduled meetings with him while he was on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and Blinken was deputy secretary of state.

“Have a few minutes next week to grab a cup of coffee? I know you are impossibly busy, but would like to get your advice on a couple of things,” Hunter Biden said in a May 22, 2015 email to Blinken that the State Department released in 2019, pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request.

“Absolutely,” Blinken replied. Several emails followed discussing logistics. A separate email from Blinken’s assistant on May 27, 2015, listed his schedule for that day. It included a meeting with Hunter Biden set for 3:30 p.m.

Record also indicate they met again in July 2015.

Interesting given that Joe Biden said he never talked about his son’s business with him, right?

But also remember how the Biden talking point was that the prosecutor Joe Biden got fired wasn’t investigating Burisma and that’s why he got fired because he was corrupt?


Of course that wasn’t true. Shokin actually raided the home of the Burisma founder on February 2, 2016 and seized property. Sure does sound like an investigation, right? The raid was announced in the Kyiv Post on February 4. So I’m sure it was just coincidence that on February 4, Hunter Biden started following Tony Blinken on Twitter. I’m sure it had nothing to do with any raid.

More emails:


Then the prosecutor was fired in March. Funny the timing of all that, isn’t it?

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) had demanded answers in the past about these meetings. It’s not clear that they ever got any real answers from the State Department as to their questions.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that suddenly we see Blinken in line for this top post. Knowledge is power, is it not?

Blinken has also been a leading advocate for the United States to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. So we can expect an effort to go back to the “propping up of the mullahs” foreign policy if he gets in.


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