Here Are the 10 Biggest 'Baffled Biden' Blunders for 2022

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We saw a lot of bad moments from Joe Biden in 2021 including the debacle that he made of the Afghanistan withdrawal, how he left Americans and allies behind, and how it cost 13 precious, American lives because of his failures.


His mind seems to have continued to deteriorate. I have watched him since the start of his presidential campaign, and it’s gotten worse over 2022.

I wanted to make a list of his top 10 problematic, confused moments of the year, but it’s a bit of a tough call since there are so many of them–and so many of them are so bad. So, if I leave out one that you think should have made the top 10, I apologize.

10. Colombia, Cambodia — Heck, they’re all the same aren’t they?

In November, Biden went to the ASEAN summit. Now, you would think since he supposedly knows it’s the “ASEAN” (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit being held in Cambodia, he would know who to thank. Not so much, as he ended up thanking the president of Colombia.

It was the second time in a few days that he did it; he also did it on the way to Cambodia.

I’m sure that must have gone over well with the ASEAN leaders, who must have thought he was out of his mind.

9. Those Ron Burgundy moments are something else.

He had multiple “Ron Burgundy” moments. But perhaps the most notable was this one where he attacked the Supreme Court as “extremist,” read a quote, then read the direction on the teleprompter to “Repeat the line.” Watch Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra try to hold it together, but he can’t quite –- you can see him smiling, probably trying hard not to laugh.


But the remarks in general were a mess, including talking about all “50 straits” and the “District of Combria.”

8. How many states was that? What’s Paul Pelosi’s name? And how he freaked out Kamala Harris.

Biden spoke at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s annual Independence Dinner in October. He was there with Kamala Harris.

Biden talked about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was flying out to see her husband, who had been attacked; he called him “Bobby.”

He also managed to freak out Kamala Harris, when he looked like he was going to jump off the stage.

7. When you’re taking orders from the Easter Bunny…

When you’ve wandered off and the Easter Bunny has to corral you and rescue you, there may be a problem.

There were also the other embarrassing Easter moments: when his wife had to tell him to “stay” like a dog and how he complained they weren’t letting him do anything, such as read an Easter story to kids.


6. Math is hard.

Biden has shown that he has a hard time with math. He’s repeatedly had issues with billion, million–who knows how many of whatever he’s talking about. But you would think that he at least would know the difference between “two” and “three.” Not so much, as he showed here during a visit to a Volvo powertrain plant in Hagerstown, Maryland, to speak about the economy.

When you can’t count to three, Americans tend not to take what you have to say about the economy seriously.

5. That single word that describes America.

Then there was the moment during events for his Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. He spoke about the one word that defined America. What the heck was that word? No one seemed to know, but Newsbusters did make a valiant effort at it.

Kamala Harris gave him such a look, you knew she was thinking, “How much longer?”

4. Getting lost and/or shaking hands with the air.

We broke out the moment with the Easter Bunny, but there were so many moments of confusion, where he seemed to get lost after making remarks or trying to get off the stage. There was the time he got lost on the White House lawn, which is some trick, when you live there. Then there was when he got the name of the FEMA administrator wrong and wandered off, after making remarks at FEMA headquarters.


But these two were particularly bad.

3. Biden sees dead people.

Who could forget the moment that Joe Biden asked at an event in September, “Where’s Jackie?”

Biden had made special recognition of her death in an accident in August, just a month before.

2. Did he just fall asleep in the middle of that interview?

Biden gave a rare interview to MSNBC, where he likely thought he was going to get softball questions. But even though he did get mostly softball questions, he seemed to fall asleep during the interview. Jonathan Capehart appeared to signal to wake him up.

1. The reason for that bike fall.

Biden got a lot of attention when on vacation (yet again),when he fell hard from his bike after he’d pulled to a stop.


But the reason that he fell says it all — he was pulling up to talk to a little girl that he spotted. He was so anxious to get off his bike, he didn’t take the time to get his feet out of the clips on the pedals.

Yet, as bad as all those moments were, along with so many more that didn’t make the top 10, what’s worse are not the “gaffes” or his confusion. Worse than that are the things that he has done with malice aforethought that have so harmed this country — the harmful policies that have so adversely affected the country, from gas prices to the horrible inflation, that is costing us all.


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