Things Get Really Awkward Between Joe and Jill During White House Easter Egg Roll

Things Get Really Awkward Between Joe and Jill During White House Easter Egg Roll
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We’ve written previously about how it often appears that First Lady Jill Biden has to lead, direct and/or correct President Joe Biden during White House gatherings where both of them feature prominently in the proceedings.

It’s happened so many times that sometimes it feels redundant to write about it. But there are instances where it occurs that are so disturbing that it needs to be documented for the record. An incident that happened on Monday during the White House’s Easter egg roll was one such moment.

As you’ll see in the below video, at one point something happens out of the frame of the video that makes Mrs. Biden applaud. Joe Biden, however, appears confused, and it seems from the clip that he’s not sure what he needs to do next. Does he speak? Get up? Or stay where he is?

That’s when Jill Biden puts her hand on his arm and gently informs him that he needs to “just stay.” There is then more awkwardness when Joe Biden tells the crowd that she told him he needs to stay where he is, noting that “she’s the teacher.” She then laughs and echoes his point as though it’s totally normal for her to tell him whether he needs to move, get up, stay or speak.


The only way anyone who tells you this is “totally normal” can be telling the truth is if they are talking about this in the context of how this is “totally normal” behavior for this particular President and First Lady to have with one another, because in normal circumstances First Ladies are not having to instruct their husbands at event after event as to just what to do and where to go.

But we are not in “normal circumstances” here. Well before Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee for President, questions were being raised – even by other Democrats and their media allies – about his mental acuity. Those questions have only continued since he was sworn into office, especially when occasions like this are caught on tape.

It’s gotten so bad for Biden that even some polls show a majority of voters have questions about his mental fitness to lead the country. When asked about it at the time, Jill Biden scoffed, calling it “ridiculous.”

On top of that, the Biden apologists at the Washington Post are gaming out 2024 presidential contender scenarios on the Democrat side all based on the rumors that Biden, who will be 80 in November, either will step down at the end of his term or that Democrat voters might reject him a second time around.

Another recent awkward moment between the two occurred in March during an “Equal Pay” day event when Mrs. Biden had to correct the President when he was making the announcement about how Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff had contracted COVID-19 and how neither of them would be appearing at the ceremony.

While at the podium giving his remarks, Biden noted that Harris and Emhoff wouldn’t be there and the reason why. But in his remarks, Biden said “the First Lady’s husband” tested positive – which would mean Biden. He didn’t realize his flub until Jill Biden, who was sitting nearby, corrected him, according to CBS News, which was one of the few news outlets that reported Biden’s gaffe.

And even when Biden tried to set the record straight after the Mrs. let him know, he still got it wrong, referring to Emhoff as the “First Gentleman,” apparently not realizing that Emhoff would only be “First Gentleman” if it was Harris and not Biden who was President.

Something else to make note of here is that whenever Jill Biden orchestrates things for Joe, it further raises more uncomfortable questions about just who is really in charge. Like Hillary Clinton did with Bill Clinton, Jill Biden has gone on record in the past in stating in so many words that she doesn’t want to be viewed as just a politician’s wife, and some have suggested that being Joe Biden’s top handler is her way of expanding her role well beyond the traditional role of First Lady.

In fact, she even has her own entrance music. It’s not “hail to the chief” or anything like that but it does make you wonder.

So is it Jill Biden who is in charge here or is it Kamala Harris? Either way is a frightening prospect to consider. But one thing we do know for sure is that Joe Biden – who at least on paper is the leader of the free world – is not in charge. Like at all.

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