The Easter Bunny Steps in to Rescue Joe Biden in Incredibly Weird Scene

The Easter Bunny steps in to stop Joe Biden from answering questions (Credit: @craigtdillon)

As RedState reported earlier on Monday, Joe Biden had quite an eventful Easter Egg Roll. He meandered around, being corrected by his wife, Jill Biden, multiple times. At one point she told him to “just stay,” after he attempted to get up and leave the stage where the two had just read a book to a group of children. At another point, Jill Biden had to direct the president to wave because he apparently forgot to.


As my colleague, Sister Toldjah, noted in her article, none of this is “normal.”

The fun didn’t stop there, though. In another moment that is currently going viral, the Easter Bunny (yes, the Easter Bunny) had to step in and shut down Joe Biden from answering questions. There are two different angles of the scene, and neither of them makes the other look any less disturbing.

In the second clip, you can hear that Biden is talking about Afghanistan and Pakistan. Whether he was asked about those two countries or just started randomly talking about them is not something I’ve been able to ascertain. What we do know is that the Easter Bunny walks up and starts waving its hands wildly to get the president’s attention. After looking like he’s seen a ghost, Biden is then led off to the side, walking as if he just got out of bed at a nursing home.


Is the White House so paranoid about Biden speaking to the press that it used the tradition of an administration official dressing up as the Easter Bunny to keep him in line? The answer to that question appears to be yes. In fact, a picture posted by White House Press Assistant Angela Perez points to whoever was in the suit being from within the comms shop. Who, I can’t say, and while that’s not necessarily surprising (Sean Spicier once dressed up as the Easter Bunny), it’s really weird for the bunny to be babysitting the president during the egg roll.

Remember, we had a multi-month news cycle after Donald Trump drank water with two hands. There were calls for the 25th Amendment and the press went wild speculating about supposed mental health concerns. Yet, here we have the current President of the United States being rescued by the Easter Bunny, and that’s when his wife isn’t telling him what to do, and the mainstream media don’t bat an eye. It really is incredible.

Here’s another question to think about: Is Joe Biden actually this senile, or are his handlers, including his wife, just this controlling?


No doubt, the president has lost a step mentally, and we see examples of that multiple times a week. His memory routinely fails him, he often slurs his words, and there’s obviously a concerted effort to stop him from speaking to the press. Yet, there’s also the aspect of total control that his handlers seem to enjoy exercising over him. That includes Jill Biden, who tends to correct and “direct” the president even when there’s no real reason to.

If the president didn’t want to wave, why make him wave? If he wants to stand up and walk off the stage, why stop him? You never saw Michelle Obama or Melania Trump treat their husbands that way. It’s really uncomfortable to witness because either Jill Biden knows her husband is senile and feels that she needs to dictate his every move, or she’s a control freak in a very unhealthy way. Neither is good, and neither projects confidence in the person serving as president.

I understand that Biden’s handlers want to keep him out of trouble given his history of brain farts and gaffes. But do they not realize how bad they are making the president look by treating him as an invalid in public? Do Jill Biden’s staffers not go back and show her that she’s being caught on hot mics trying to control her husband?Β  At some point, it would be better to just let the president answer a few questions (even if it’s a disaster) than for his handlers to keep doing this thing where they attempt to herd him like a cow for all the cameras to see.



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