More of Biden's MSNBC Interview: Delusion, With Yet Another Creepy Moment

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We reported on Friday about a scary moment during Joe Biden’s interview with Jonathan Capehart where he appears to either be asleep or completely out of it and asked what was going on with him. Because whatever it is, it’s getting worse.


It looks like Capehart waved at him and said, “Mr. President, whoop” to get his attention during the questioning. But there’s also a jump cut there, so there may even have been something that was taken out there. Because it’s MSNBC you never know how they might have cut it to make it look better for Biden. But you know that if it was this bad, even with their efforts, it’s pretty bad.

At this time right before the election, when you have Biden before you and so many Americans suffering because of his policies, Capehart instead attacks Republicans and throws up softballs for Biden. Capehart claimed he was “scared.”

“Mr. President, I’ll be honest. I’m scared,” Capehart started by saying. “Millions of Americans are scared. They’re concerned about the concerted attacks on democracy, on voting, and how that’s going to impact the midterm elections. We’re seeing everything from Governor DeSantis’ election police force arresting people for alleged violations of voter fraud, we’re seeing election workers quitting because of threats,” Capehart cried to Biden.


So instead of talking about the top issues that are concerning Americans that are based in reality — like whether people are going to be able to feed their families this month because of the crushing nature of Bidenflation — he pushes fake Democratic talking points.

Then there was this incisive objective “question.”

“Can our democracy survive when the Republican Party is–it only cares about power?” Capehart asked.

Biden’s answer didn’t make a lot of sense, but he tried to smear Republicans.

“One of the reasons there’s not more mainstream conservative Republicans running out there is because they are so concerned about not only their physical wellbeing but also the notion that how can they win when a minority of Republicans are showing up to vote and they’re really hard edge,” Biden responded.

They also had a segment where they were walking outside together. Was that so he wouldn’t fall asleep on them? But Capehart’s questions didn’t get any better, nor did Biden’s answers. Biden claimed everything about him was functioning well, despite what we have all seen with the evidence of our own eyes.

He says people should just watch him. But we have been watching him and that’s the problem. We’re seeing the incoherence, the crazy, and the weirdness. And even as he says this to Capehart, watch this as it gets very weird at the end, as he touches Jonathan Capehart. Stop touching people, Joe!


Talk about cringy and creepy.

Biden then told Capehart that he had more experience, both in foreign policy and domestic policy, than anyone in the office “ever.” Not a joke.

There’s a difference between leadership and knowing what to do versus just being around a long time because you’re old. Biden is the latter. As the former Obama defense secretary Robert Gates said, Biden’s been wrong about every foreign policy issue for the last forty years. Barack Obama reportedly said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.” Imagine the gall to act like he has more experience than anyone when he may be the worst person we have ever had in the office. He refuses to have any attachment to reality.

Then there was this delusional piece about Kamala Harris, apparently trying to justify her unpopularity.


Um, Joe? She doesn’t have 60 percent popularity or anything even close to that. She has 38.4 percent approval, according to a recent poll from FiveThirtyEight. That’s as bad as Biden himself.

So, Joe, you asked us to watch. I watched this interview, which is likely the cleaned-up version and yes, I think you have big issues and need to resign.


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