Biden Proves Math Is Hard and Then Some With Latest Remarks

Joe Biden was on the road on Friday to visit a Volvo powertrain plant in Hagerstown, Maryland to speak about the economy.

As always with Biden, if he opens his mouth, you know there’s going to be a problem both with coherence and honesty.


He began his remarks with a bit of a problem, “Let me start off with two words: Made in America.”

Um, Joe? You might want to count those words again. I recognize that math is hard and you’ve already shown that you don’t understand much about the economy which is why we have the roaring inflation that we do. But one would think that you could count up to “three.”

As some noted, Joe has a long-term math problem even calling “Jobs” a three-letter word in 2008.

Biden asked that we watch him. We keep watching him and we keep seeing problems like this. But hey, why should it matter? He’s just in charge of policy and the nuclear codes.

Also, while the powertrain plant is in Hagerstown, Volvo is now owned by Geely Automobile, a major automotive brand based in China. Nice job there, Joe. Funny how China keeps coming up in the mix.

Biden continued some of his common lies/misleading statements — that he was bringing inflation down and “wage growth was solid,” when indeed real wages are declining because of the horrible inflation.


“We need to bring inflation down without giving up all the historic economic progress that working-class and middle-class people have made. That’s exactly what we’re seeing,” Biden claimed. What progress? Everyone has suffered under Bidenflation, particularly the working class and the middle class, prices are through the roof for virtually everything. Biden is costing the average American $4200 more a year.

Biden also took credit for gas prices going down, even as they have begun to go back up.

The average national gas price when he came in was $2.34. It is now $3.81, $1.50 more. And it’s gone up more than ten cents since last month, and more than 60 cents over last year.

Claiming he’s bringing it down is just downright dishonest. They had a momentary drop for a couple of months while still being far higher than when he came in. Not something to brag about at all. It’s not even clear that anything he did brought prices down, although it’s true that he is ripping off our savings account of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help the Democrats’ chances in the midterms and that he intends to continue to do so beyond the election.


OPEC just decided to cut production, despite Biden going to them, hat in hand, begging for them to increase production back in July. So gas prices are likely to go up even more.

Speaking of “Made in America,” what is Biden going to do to increase production?

He’s lifting sanctions on the oppressive Communist dictatorship in Venezuela and asking them to produce more. So much for made-in-America when it comes to oil. He’ll go to Communists or Saudi Arabia before he will lift restrictions on our own energy production. You can only conclude therefore that he doesn’t care much about America.


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