Oops: Biden Takes a Hard Fall off His Bike While on Vacation in Delaware

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden left early from the White House on Friday for yet another vacation for the long weekend at his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

On Saturday, he was out on a bike ride, something he often does at his beach house. But he had a problem as he was riding up to people to greet them — he fell off his bike.


Now, he seemed okay and got up fairly quickly. Here’s some of the video.

You can hear the people gasp and it’s hard to see exactly how he falls. But you can see it must have been a hard fall–he goes right over.

But then the story of what happened came out, and it raises a couple of questions. He had trouble taking his feet out of the pedals. That might happen when you have bike clips in.


Now, here’s a clearer video of what happened. He either forgot he had the clips in and/or just wasn’t able to get his feet out of one of them and when he tried, he just fell over flat on the ground, even though he had one foot down.

He seems to be concentrated on meeting the people, rather than properly stopping the bike and getting off cleanly.

Is this part of his gait problem or just an inarticulate move? They’ll likely check him out. He didn’t seem to be hurt. But it continues to raise questions about what is going on with him and his health, mental and otherwise.


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