Biden Botches the Effort to Clean up the Mess of His 'No Federal Solution' Comment

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Joe Biden created a firestorm during a virtual meeting with the country’s governors on COVID when he said that that there was “no federal solution,” and that it was going to be up to the states. His people then tossed the press out of the room when it came time for the governors to question him on that and other things. Then after the meeting, at about midday on Monday, he told one whopper of a lie about not rejecting an expert’s plan to help increase test kits for Americans and bailed out of there on vacation for a week to Delaware.


It didn’t go over well, particularly since he’d run on the exact opposite — that he had a “plan,” that he was going to shut down the virus. His chief of staff Ron Klain put out a tweet that hasn’t aged well, as we noted.

Of course, that was nonsense right down the line. His ‘plan’ seemed to be to glom off of what President Donald Trump had already put in place, while at the same time attacking Trump.

Biden was mocked big time for seeming to throw in the towel.

Today, Biden (or more likely, the folks behind the account) tried to clean up the mess that his comment created.

“My Administration has the back of every governor fighting COVID-19 in their state,” the Biden account claimed. “Last week, I rolled out a federal plan to tackle Omicron by adding vaccination and booster capacity, hospital equipment, staff, and more. We’re going to get through this by working together.”


The reaction to the tweet? It didn’t go over well. People weren’t buying it at this point.

But the bottom line is people are tired of the complete confusion that the Biden team has offered, of not knowing from one minute to the next what the heck is going on and when the Biden team may change what they’re saying, yet again. His plan seems to have consisted of putting out cringe-worthy pictures and videos of people doing strange things in the White House. Somehow that was supposed to convince you to get vaccinated. I’m not sure who they thought was supposed to be convinced by these things.

Is it any wonder that they are stuck on failure, when that’s their approach? There’s a reason “NoPlanJoe” trended on Twitter yesterday.

But one of the basic problems is if there is no federal solution why is he still pushing mandates? That and demonizing the unvaccinated has not helped things, and it’s only fractured the country even more. Now because of the mandates, many health care workers who might be needed have been shown the door.


On top of that, the CDC just changed the guidelines about isolating after testing positive to help to rush people back to work faster. So, you have the nonsensical situation of people fired for being healthy but unvaccinated, but people who are sick with COVID being rushed back to work. How ridiculous is this? That’s where we are with the Biden “plan” — a patchwork quilt of nonsense.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just COVID; this is the way it is on everything with Biden, from Afghanistan to inflation as well. The only way to put an end to it is to vote out every Democrat that we can to put a check on the madness.


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