Joe Biden's Surrender on COVID Gets More Embarrassing After the Receipts Emerge

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As RedState reported this morning, Joe Biden has officially surrendered on COVID-19. No, that’s not right-wing spin. Rather, the president literally admitted that there is no federal solution to the coronavirus, asserting that the solutions will be at the state level.


For many of us, it was a major “I told you so” moment going back not just months, but all the way back to spring of 2020 when it already appeared likely that you weren’t going to control the spread of the virus. Yet, we’ve been playing a ridiculous game of mandates and lockdowns ever since, with some coming from the federal government. But with cases exploding and Omicron now taking over, the White House seemed to realize that it was time to cast blame on state officials.

Of course, the internet is forever, and past statements not only by Biden but by his current Chief of Staff are leading to some embarrassment. Get a load of this whopper from Ronald Klain during the 2020 election.


I wouldn’t have bothered to write this post simply to dunk on Klain and Biden being dumb. OK, maybe I would have. Still, I think this does more than just provide a good laugh.

Past that, what it shows is that Biden’s 2020 campaign was a complete scam. Everything they promised has failed to come to fruition, and their promises regarding COVID-19 are the starkest example of that. The constant trashing of Donald Trump as if Biden had a magical solution was just a front. These clowns never had a plan. Instead, they only had mindless bluster, and today, that big lie was good and fully exposed with Biden himself admitting the federal government can’t fix this.

With that said, the White House doesn’t get to just throw their hands up and act as if they weren’t saying the opposite all year. Remember, the administration has repeatedly touted the federal government response, even telling governors such as Ron DeSantis to “get out of the way.” Now that it’s convenient, Biden wants to throw it all at the feet of the states, though. While that may be the right move, the president only arrived at that position kicking and screaming. He gets no credit for his blatant attempt to skirt blame.


No, this is the man who told us he was going to “shut down the virus.” No one forced Biden to claim Donald Trump was personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths or that he and he alone had the ability to tame COVID. That was his choice, and now he gets to live by the standard he set. More people have died of the coronavirus on his watch. He did not shut down the virus, and now he’s riding off to Delaware for the 31st time since taking office as if people won’t notice.

But we notice, and 2022 awaits.


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