WH Embarrasingly Boots the Press So They Can't Hear Biden Answering Questions

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Today was not a sterling day when it comes to Joe Biden and his communication with the public. Not that any day is particularly good for him. But first, he blew off federal responsibility on COVID, saying there was “no federal solution” — that the answer was with the states. This was exactly the opposite of what he ran on, saying he had a plan to stop COVID and then not doing so once he took office. Then he was asked why he rejected a plan from health experts in October to have 732 million COVID test kits up and ready to send to Americans for the holidays. Today, Biden claimed that they never rejected the plan despite it being clear that he did.


But Biden’s team decided they wanted to go for the trifecta of bad moves today.

Biden had a virtual meeting with the nation’s governors regarding COVID broadcast from his fake-set White House that they have in the Eisenhower Office Building. It was during this meeting that he claimed there was no “federal solution.”

“If you need something say something,” Biden said to governors. “Seeing how tough it was for some folks to get a test this weekend shows that we have more work to do.”

But at the end of Biden’s remarks in the meeting, Biden indicated that he was going to take questions from the governors and he turned to his White House COVID coordinator, Jeff Zients. “I understand you guys may have some questions. Jeff?” Realizing what a minefield that was likely to be for Biden, it appeared that someone made the decision that was a bad thing to do with the press pool still there, so they decided to boot out the press before Biden took questions. “I think we’re going to clear the press first,” Zients responded to Biden after a long pause.


Then, the press just leaves without complaint, seemingly not at all concerned that they’re missing out on what could be some significant questions. The liberal media has completely abdicated the one job they’re supposed to have — holding power accountable — in the name of the job they in effect serve — being operatives for the Democratic Party. One big question I could see they might ask Biden is: Why were you trying to impose mandates on people and now are saying there is no federal solution? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Of course, mandates never made sense. I could see one of the governors asking that question. So they can’t have the press hear something like that.

This is part of the whole effort to cut Biden off from being asked any questions that could be troubling, to prevent media from reporting on the inevitable gaffes that would occur. Biden keeps indicating his team doesn’t want him answering questions. Here he is last week saying he was “not supposed to” be answering questions.

Who is telling him what to do? Who is the person who said to throw the press out today? The dissolute “Emperor” has no clothes and his people can’t let the public see that any more than they have to. What a difference from when President Donald Trump took all manner of questions!


But that likely factors into why some of the Biden staff want out and are going to bail in January. It can’t be a happy place to work when you’re always trying to cover up the deficiencies of the guy for whom you work.


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