The Left Goes Wild After Fauci Admits CDC Guideline Change Is About Economics

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Yesterday, the CDC cut the isolation restriction guidelines recommended for those who catch COVID from 10 days to five days, from when you test positive if you have no symptoms. But they still recommend wearing a mask for the next five days. If after the five days of isolation, you have symptoms, they suggest that you still say home and don’t go out. They made this change in part because they said science suggested that people are most infectious in the two days before and the three days after any symptoms develop.


They also changed the quarantine requirements after close contact with a positive case. Previously, if you were fully vaccinated, you didn’t have to quarantine. Now they are saying that you have to quarantine unless you have the booster — and only if you wear a mask in all situations for the next 10 days. I would note that this quarantine change comes shortly after Joe Biden had close contact with a staffer about a week ago. In response, Biden didn’t quarantine and didn’t wear a mask in all situations for 10 days.

The thing about cutting the requirements down to 10 days to five days is that it might make scientific sense, but I’m curious as to why they are only discovering this now, after going on almost two years of all this? Why didn’t they apply this before? It would seem it should have already been apparent. They say it’s that the decision is based on keeping things open because of the sheer number of people testing positive with Omicron.

Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear on CNN that the move was at least in part political and economic, “to keep society running.”


I’m also curious as to why those important factors weren’t important enough to consider before — when small businesses were being shut down and people were losing their jobs. It was always true that you should consider other factors. Just before they didn’t seem to care and were willing to throw everything under the bus. Is it because they don’t want society to grind to a halt under Joe Biden?

What’s funny about this is that now the folks on the left are mad at Fauci and the government for making it so plain that it isn’t just about public health — that economics and the political factored into the decision. If you look at the quote tweets of that Fauci interview, many on the left were furious at the evil government willing to risk the lives of workers.

But there’s corollary idiocy about this. Joe Biden is still pushing mandates, while claiming that there is no federal solution. While now they are talking about rushing people back to work, even if they are positive with COVID, they have kicked out — and are still trying to boot out — the unvaccinated who aren’t sick with a variety of mandates. All this is for “health” reasons, but without the economic impact on their jobs or them considered. So, someone is going to have to explain to me how that makes any logical sense.



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