'Dr.' Jill Biden's Spoxdude Seems to Suggest COVID Mask Rules Don't Apply to the First Lady

'Dr.' Jill Biden's Spoxdude Seems to Suggest COVID Mask Rules Don't Apply to the First Lady
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We reported last month on the Christmas story reading event First Lady Jill Biden hosted at the White House where everyone including the children wore masks. The children were also sitting socially distanced from each other, unlike the adults who were in close proximity to one another.

Jill Biden, though, wasn’t masked.

As I noted at the time, not only was it terrible from an optics perspective but from a public guidance perspective, it was arguably even worse. Remember, it’s children, not adults who are the least likely to not only catch the virus but to get a bad case of it in the event that they do. Plus, Jill Biden is fully vaccinated and has gotten the booster shot.

Yet as we all know, you can still spread the coronavirus including the new Omicron variant even when fully vaccinated. So why is it she wasn’t masked while the kids were?

Here we are a month later, and a similar issue has come up, this time courtesy of a weird “Dancing Nurses” event held at the White House. Watch the clip below, and you’ll see several nurses from Northwell Health – a company that recently fired 1,400 thanks to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate – dancing and singing. Most are masked but some aren’t. Jill Biden wasn’t masked, as you’ll see at a certain point in the clip:

It was yet another example of terrible optics coming out of the Biden White House in the middle of the spread of another COVID variant. I mean, who releases a video like this while the White House is busy telling people to take extra precautions right now?

Media analyst Joe Concha wondered why the First Lady wasn’t following mask protocol and took to the Twitter machine to call her out. Jill Biden’s spoxdude Michael LaRosa then engaged him, and in the process, he not only reaffirmed the fact that the Biden White House is just terrible at comms, but he also accidentally admitted that “Dr.” Jill Biden apparently doesn’t believe the COVID rules apply to her.

“Warms my heart to see right-wing TV pundits suddenly so concerned about masking,” LaRosa said in response to Concha’s initial comments.

Undeterred, Concha replied by pointing out that trying to insinuate he was an “anti-mask/vaxxer” was not going to fly.

“Hi Michael – my wife is an ER doctor who has been treating high-risk COVID patients for 20 months while you’ve been playing on social media. I’m triple-vaccinated, have recommended such on national TV and always take the necessary masking precautions, unlike the First Lady here.”

After LaRosa got snippy with him, Concha calmly reintroduced the issue at hand — the First Lady not practicing what she preaches.

“Michael- you engaged me (again), not the other way around. The First Lady and two singers broke DC’s indoor mask mandate, and during a Covid outbreak in the White House. Attack me all you wish, that doesn’t change the premise that Mrs Biden acted irresponsibly. Enjoy the holiday.”

LaRosa then proclaimed that she didn’t break any mask protocols because the video was allegedly done before the DC mask mandate was reinstated.

“In case you were curious, it was taped LONG before a DC mask mandate was reinstated OR a covid outbreak. The two nurses in question followed strict protocols prior to the performance. As did the First Lady, as she regularly does.”

But Concha wasn’t done with him.

“OK. Thanks Michael. So three questions: 1) Why are the rest of the performers masked? 2) Why not just have them follow the same protocols prior to the performance? 3) Who thought it was a good idea to put this video out while a massive outbreak is occurring?”

I watched their back and forth play out on Twitter, and LaRosa never answered his questions. He did lob some personal attacks at Concha, accusing him of not knowing the facts, etc, but he never answered the questions. It didn’t keep Concha from continuing to ask them, however:

LaRosa got so obnoxious that at one point Concha essentially told him to grow up, that his conduct was very “unbecoming” of a White House official.

For the record, when I corrected LaRosa on his claim that Jill Biden “regularly” follows mask protocols, he responded childishly and again acted as though she did nothing wrong. When I asked him this simple question, LaRosa simply ran away like the good little lemming he is:

So, to recap, LaRosa never could explain why it was okay for Jill Biden to be maskless but everyone else had to be during both the “Dancing Nurses” event and the Christmas story event from last month with all the children. He simply kept yada yadaing about “no mask mandate in DC,” which is irrelevant considering the fact that Fauci and other “medical experts” are recommending wearing masks indoors when you’re going to be around others considering another COVID variant is busy spreading. Whatever one thinks about masks, to the White House what Fauci says is unassailable, so why don’t they follow his recommendation?

In short, LaRosa seems to be confirming that for his boss Jill Biden, wearing a mask indoors is optional – but for everyone else around the Bidens including the hired help, they’re mandatory. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Joe Biden himself set the precedent for the Biden family breaking the rules on his very first day in office.

For those wondering why some have nicknamed the First Lady “Jill Antoinette Biden,” now you know.

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