Biden Throws Away All Dignity in Cringe Video With Jonas Brothers

Joe Biden in a video with the Jonas Brothers, screenshot. Credit: Nick Jonas/Twitter

We’ve now moved into that phase of the COVID drama where they’re starting to tell everyone you’re not truly “fully vaccinated” until you get the booster. And then when will that change again, to you need yet another booster? How many boosters will we need?


The Biden team is going all-in to sell the booster and vaccinations to people, in the cringiest way possible. They brought in a bunch of singers including Pentatonix and the Jonas Brothers to push booster propaganda. It was all pretty embarrassing.

Here’s Pentatonix — the a cappella singing group that won NBC’s “The Sing-Off.”

“Get your booster/Just like a seat for a little kid /Just like the heat from a rocket ship/Sometimes all you need is a booster,” they sang. Just like a “seat for a little kid”? With our paternalistic government? Yikes.

It gets worse. Biden did a bit with the Jonas Brothers, and it’s so bad.

They all say they were vaccinated and ask, “Who’s the president, man, who’s the president?” Then they respond, “Byron…Byron.” Then they say they’d like to tell “Byron,” “What up, baby?”


“Joe Byron” references a “Sidetalk NYC” viral video in which a New York man referred to Biden by that name.

Meanwhile, Nick says: “Take me out to dinner.”

Afterward, the group drops the act, with Kevin asking, “Did we get it?” Then Joe Biden responds, “We got it!”

Who do they think is convinced by this kind of stuff? People may be inclined to get the jabs or not get them. But I’m willing to bet a lot of money that no one is convinced to get it by listening to the Jonas Brothers and Joe Biden making fools of themselves on a Tik Tok video.

If they’re confused about who is the president, so apparently is Joe Biden himself, since he called Kamala Harris the president the other day in his lie-a-palooza at South Carolina State University.

The Twitter reaction to the Jonas Brothers video was largely negative, with many responding that Biden should cancel student debt instead of making stupid Tik Tok videos.


So, if the point of this was to somehow pitch to young people, it shows the Biden team has a tin ear on where young people are at. But we saw that already, from the You Gov survey where Biden has a -50 net approval with young people, the biggest drop of any age group. It’s also an age group he desperately needs going into the 2022 midterms. But when they’re very disappointed in him and think he hasn’t fulfilled his promises, that’s not exactly an inducement for them to come out to vote.


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