The Newsom Recall: We Called It Here First

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The legacy media outlets are shocked… shocked! That the Recall of Gavin Newsom is actually going to a ballot.

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This is generally followed by hackneyed blather that follows a predictable line. Pick or choose any media outlet; they pretty much repeat the same mantra:


Let’s go with… Newsweek:

Only 40 percent of Californians support the recall effort, according to a poll of 1,174 likely voters conducted mid-March by the Public Policy Institute of California. The poll found that 56 percent of respondents oppose the recall effort.

Newsom’s opponents collected signatures for the recall as the state experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths, as well as ongoing school and business closures. However, public opinion towards Newsom could change as the state experiences the benefits of his recent COVID-19 recovery initiatives.

By the time the recall election occurs, the pandemic’s effect on the state could look very different than it does now.

It’s interesting: I wonder if those 1,174 likely voters were among the 1,719,900 signatures verified by the secretary of state? Even if they were, it’s not even one percent of the total signatures. So, how do you base an opinion on this? I have no idea how Public Policy Institute does their polling, but if their results are any indication, everyone they poll is pro-Newsom. This has been the case for several years now with this outlet, so, color me suspicious. Facts on the actual ground say otherwise.


And those COVID-19 recovery initiatives? Pure garbage or stolen from someone else. As reported here, here, and here, Gaslight Gavin loves to lie and flash bright, shiny objects to distract the citizens from reality. This man is an inept failure.

Then, on this June 23 NBC News telecast, you have this exceptionally clueless NBC hostess asking a constipated looking Chuck Todd of “Meet the DePressED” for commentary.

The hostess began, “A lot people are scratching their heads.”

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No, NBC, the only people scratching their heads are the legacy media that has been carrying Governor Hair Gel’s water for the past year. Todd painfully continued this task, since that water is getting pretty weighty by this point. Todd pretended to pooh-pooh the Recall with the usual robotic talking points about the pandemic and the French Laundry.

Trust me, no one who has lived in this State for the past year and a half is scratching their heads; we are waiting on an election date and preparing to vote “YES” to removing Governor Gavin Newsom from office.

RedState read the tea leaves before it happened, and regularly reported on it. The rest of the chattering class assumed if they ignored it, and you didn’t hear it from them, then it wasn’t going to become reality.

Welcome to reality, boys and girls.


Californians were over Newsom long before the pandemic hit. Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar consistently reported on Newsom’s corruption, from the BYD China Mask deal he had no business entering into, to Newsom’s questionable mortgages on his two mansions, to his not paying property taxes on those mansions, to his rewriting election laws to influence the outcome of the 2020 elections.

The pandemic merely reinforced how corrupt, obtuse, and horrible he truly is. Let’s start with closing wineries during the July 4th holiday a year ago, but not in the County where his own Plumpjack Group of wineries operated? Not to mention the PPP loans his wineries received in the midst of all this, while other small businesses couldn’t even get a dime.


Newsom’s executive overreach, and the French Laundry debacle, are just symptoms of a greater disease. The disease of arrogance, elitism, corruption, and craven actions that typify this governor.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, the horrific handling of California’s unemployment claims and the rank corruption, fraud, and malfeasance of the California Employment Development Department, as well as Newsom’s refusal to address it, should be grounds enough to remove him from office. Couple that with Newsom’s full-on hyperbole about his actual assistance toward wildfire prevention, when California is now in the midst of wildfire season, and you have fresh fodder to add to that French Laundry list of mendacity.


I also said early on that California Democrats are running scared. When the people of California get rid of Newsom, it will be like dominoes falling, sounding the death knell on poor governance, and the corruption, the lack of oversight, and the sheer arrogance from many elected officials who also need to be shown the door.

There are many already in our crosshairs, and not just the insane district attorneys from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Give us time.

Here is where RedState got it right, while the other outlets were polishing Hair Gel’s turds:

From a November piece, weeks before the mask-free dinner heard round the world, our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar covered the lawsuit challenging Newsom’s grabbing of executive power brought by Assemblymen Kevin Kiley (R-RockStar) and James Gallagher (R-Bulldog). The Superior Court judge ruled that Newsom’s one-man rule was unconstitutional. Even though Hair Gel appealed, and a feckless appeals judge agreed he had overstepped, but chose not to strip him of the executive powers, this suit—which will go to the Supreme Court—was a clear indicator that Newsom’s idea of what a governor’s role is supposed to be is clearly out of bounds from what is laid out in our state or federal Constitutions.


That was not the only lawsuit brought against Newsom and his governance. His Hairfulness spent 2020 and 2021 in court, and he is still on a losing streak over many of them.

After the French Laundry debacle, His Hairfulness decided that a curfew was necessary in order to tamp down the recent surge of COVID cases. Apparently the virus knew how to tell time, and would not be on the attack between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 9:59 p.m. PST. But, you better watch out! After 10:00 p.m. the virus is up and prowling.

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As Managing Editor Jen Van Laar pointed out, this was the equivalent of a temper tantrum by Newsom over being called out for his expensive dinner hypocrisy. Instead of this tantrum only affecting an embarrassed parent, Hair Gel was inflicting it on 39 million California citizens who were already struggling to stay afloat under his draconian, inconsistent, and arbitrary restrictions.

However, Newsom made sure he exempted the entertainment industry, because that newest Neflix series from his pal Reed Hastings was too important! Hastings has recently honored Newsom’s Stop the Republican Recall campaign with 3 million dollars, because Newsom takes care of his own, and they take care of him.


In early December, my colleague Jeff Charles wrote about the bellwether of anti-lockdown protests, not only on the streets, but in front of one of Newsom’s mansions. Despite Hair Gel declaring a curfew after 10:00 p.m., many of the protests started after that. Protests were also held in front of other elected officials’ homes, like Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Sheila Kuehl. Kuehl infamously voted to shut down outdoor dining again in Los Angeles County (before Newsom did it), then went out for a meal al fresco at her favorite restaurant.

Yeah, she’s on the list.

The COVID hypocrisy had reached critical mass here in the State, and people were standing up, taking notice, and saying, “No more”.

Also in early December, my colleague Scott Hounsell wrote about Newsom’s financial mismanagement and reckless spending. In the midst of lockdowns, His Hairfulness decided that a COVID billboard campaign was needed and he planned to spend 80 million on it:

Let me get this straight.  Since we are all supposed to stay-at-home because of Emperor Newsom’s COVID orders, we would see these billboards when exactly?  And if we were to ignore these orders, does he, or any of the other geniuses in his administration, honestly think that a billboard would suddenly send us home to hide from the virus?  I mean, who are these people??

I am not alone in the belief that this plan is 50 shades of stupid.


And even under this so-called “California Comeback” re-opening, the stupidity continues. If California is ever to return to sanity, then we must remove this governor and replace him.

Californians are going to do this, and RedState will be there to report on it. Despite what the nattering nabobs in the legacy media want you to believe, it’s on and popping.


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