Gavin Newsom Wants to Spend 80 Million Dollars on Stupidity

Renée C. Byer/The Sacramento Bee via AP, Pool

In the State of California, there are only a few things the government does well and in most cases the only thing it does well is spending money in the most stupid way conceivable.  As if only taking it as a challenge, Governor Gavin Newsom has a new proposal on how to spend millions of taxpayer dollars:  On a public health campaign for among other things, billboards.


Let me get this straight.  Since we are all supposed to stay-at-home because of Emperor Newsom’s COVID orders, we would see these billboards when exactly?  And if we were to ignore these orders, does he, or any of the other geniuses in his administration, honestly think that a billboard would suddenly send us home to hide from the virus?  I mean, who are these people??

I am not alone in the belief that this plan is 50 shades of stupid.


Imagine being as tone-deaf and uncaring as Gavin Newsom.  First, he ignores his own orders and edicts by going to a maskless, indoor birthday party for one of his friends.  Next, he closes indoor dining for most counties, but not the ones where the wineries, in which he is a part-owner, are located.  Now, while people are collectively freaking out about how to afford to keep food on the table for their families, he suggests billboards as a means of keeping people home.  Maybe someone would ask Newsom if he would have turned around along the way to the French Laundry if he had seen a billboard that criticized his insane hypocrisy.  Likely not.

Either way, the insanity in California continues.  As long as Newsom is in charge, it will continue to be worse than ever.


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