Gavin Newsom Orders Nightly Curfew for 90 Percent of CA, But We All Know It's Payback For Exposing His Hypocrisy

Democratic National Convention via AP

As we’ve noted multiple times during the Wuhan Flu pandemic, California’s Dictator-in-Chief, Gavin Newsom (D-ScienceDenier), has a propensity for retribution. When he’s called out on his hypocrisy, corruption, or just plain stupid policy decisions, he lashes out with targeted harassment. Orange County found this out all too well during the pandemic’s early days, when Newsom issued an order shutting down beaches there – and only there – after County Commissioners fought back against his orders.

Now, in one of his biggest temper tantrums yet, Newsom is retaliating against Californians who have dared question his leadership (including a Superior Court judge) by issuing a 10 PM to 5 AM curfew for counties in the “Purple” tier (90+ percent of the state) starting Saturday, for a month.

For a little background, three weeks ago a Sutter County Superior Court judge issued a ruling against Newsom, declaring an Executive Order relating to the November elections unconstitutional because the order created new law and modified existing law, powers that are vested in the legislature and are not afforded to him under the state’s Emergency Services Act. Newsom can issue EO’s suspending the enforcement of various laws and regulations, but cannot create or modify them, the judge ruled. And given that Newsom has issued more than 100 EO’s during the pandemic and shows no sign of stopping his one-man rule, the judge issued a permanent injunction against the issuance of new EO’s.

That ruling became final last Friday. Newsom asked the judge to stay the injunction for two weeks, but she denied his request.

Just hours later, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter broke the news that Gov. Hair Gel had, in violation of his own order, mixed and mingled with members of more than three households at an extremely expensive restaurant, The French Laundry, in Napa, on November 6. He was mocked and excoriated by the media and Californians on both sides of the aisle over the weekend.

In retaliation, on Monday Newsom announced that he was unilaterally returning dozens of counties who’d moved out of the purple (most restrictive) tier back to that tier, effective immediately, and hinted at enacting a statewide curfew.

Then on Tuesday pictures were released from that French Laundry dinner, showing that it was indoors, not outdoors, and that he was schmoozing with a lobbyist and two executives from the California Medical Association – while eating at a table made from a 140-year-old tree. Even wider outrage ensued.

So, now that nearly statewide curfew has been issued. Newsom says that he expects it to be enforced by local authorities, but how are they going to do that when local law enforcement agencies have had their budgets slashed due to BLM and are basically not supposed to handle any non-violent calls? And, which Sheriffs, who are elected, are going to enforce the order?

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff, California.

But this might not be the worst. If Californians “resist,” California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said:

“We know from our stay at home order this spring, which flattened the curve in California, that reducing the movement and mixing of individuals dramatically decreases COVID-19 spread, hospitalizations, and deaths. We may need to take more stringent actions if we are unable to flatten the curve quickly. Taking these hard, temporary actions now could help prevent future shutdowns.”

More stringent actions meaning what, exactly? And how do you propose to enforce them? As Legal Insurrection’s Mary Chastain writes:

And, I have questions.

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