Newsom Running Scared From Recall, Resorts to Bribing the Taxpayers He Stiffed on the Last Stimulus

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It turns out Gavin Newsom becomes a very generous warden when he’s under pressure from a recall.

Not generous with his own money, naturally (which is just ours anyway); but when it comes taxpayer money, our grimy governor has traditionally been extremely “generous” with taxpayer money to everyone except the taxpayers themselves.


The winter stimulus checks from Warden Newsom’s office only went to “low-income” Californians, with millions set aside for illegal immigrants. Funny enough, the checks were slated to go to Californians with social security numbers, and Sacramento recognizes that a lot of illegal aliens within the borders of California (somehow) have social security numbers. State representatives even had the nerve to complain that the structure of the allotments would leave out many illegal aliens who didn’t have tax ids.

Other immigration advocates in the state said during a budget hearing that many illegal immigrants would still not receive any payments because they do not have individual tax ID numbers.

“This doesn’t cover all of the relief they have been excluded from, and we are creating inequality as a result,” California Immigrant Policy Center manager Sasha Feldstein told state lawmakers during the hearing.

Imagine that!

As a result of the Newsom administration’s lopsided and wrong-headed stimulus plan, millions of working Californians (including this editor) did not receive a payment at all because we aren’t considered “low income” earners, even though the middle class has suffered just as much as the lower class during the pandemic and all without much help from their political leaders.

So a stimulus that sounded good in a soundbite never actually reached most legal residents of California, and while we as voters may typically not notice what’s going on in Sacramento, the majority of Californians sure as hell noticed they weren’t getting a dime of their own tax dollars back when they needed it most.


Now it looks like Warden Newsom has noticed that we’ve noticed that he is the worst thing to happen to this state in a long time. As the recall effort has been recently ratified and candidates are beginning to populate the race, our Patrick Bateman look-alike governor is starting to exhibit some very nervous traits. When it looked like the recall would successfully make the ballot, Newsom began spontaneously catapulting formerly locked down counties into the “opening” tiers (or colors, or blocks…we’re on our third rebranding of COVID warnings so it’s hard to keep up). He took the reins off the service industry even though mere days before his decision he’d been talking about the dire conditions in the state that will force us to stay shuttered. Many restaurant owners were happy to finally be operating, but became very vocal about the move being an obvious sign that COVID policies in the state had more to do with politics than actual science. Newsom has even exhibited a weak (but noted) resistance to teachers unions refusing to return to the classroom.

Now, with the recall in full swing, Newsom has announced that he will be “allowing” almost all Californians to receive the next round of $600 payments, and his announcement on Twitter smacked of “You can thank me now, peasants!”


That you would have to “expand” help to the people who make the economy of your state run is infuriating. Everything about this man is infuriating, but particularly the naked political motivation of his “help” even as he continues to lecture everyone about how he only follows the SCIENCE of it all.

It’s enough to make a person want to boot this guy for good.

Luckily, Californians will get that chance this fall. It’s time for this joker to go learn a new trade.


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