As a Reward for Destroying Thousands of CA Businesses, Gavin Newsom Will Get a Pay Raise

As a Reward for Destroying Thousands of CA Businesses, Gavin Newsom Will Get a Pay Raise
Renée C. Byer/The Sacramento Bee via AP, Pool

While millions of Californians suffered through the forced closing of their businesses and the inability to pay their bills or put food on their tables, California’s political class has approved a raise for themselves.

In California, we like the names of our policies and institutions to reflect exactly the opposite of what they actually stand for. For instance, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act actually has no mention of schools or safety. It is a bill that reduces prison sentences for violent offenders and provides for early prisoner release and more lax parole standards. Here in opposite-land, releasing thousands of hardened criminals into the population before they’ve served their time is called Safety.

One would imagine that the California Citizens Compensation Commission probably has something to do with taxes, or reimbursing residents for something or other or offering Californians a way to appeal for compensation from the state when they feel they have been wronged by the state.

Wrong, idiots!

The CCCP CCCC is a commission that meets annually to set the salaries and benefits of legislative representatives. It is appointed by the Governor and appointees serve for six years.

Knowing that, it may not be that surprising that they recently met and voted to approve a 4.2% salary raise for the legislature and Governor Newsom. You may have heard of Governor Newsom. He’s the man who is responsible for permanent closure of thousands of restaurants and businesses, thus ending tens of thousands of jobs, while keeping his own Napa winery open. You may also recall that while he kept your kids at home and threatened your Christmas gatherings with visits from inspectors and police, he dined out The French Laundry, maskless, with a group of over 20 people. In case you aren’t in the class of Americans who would know what a place like The French Laundry is, it is the type of restaurant that doesn’t list its prices.

From MSN:

[Chairman Tom] Dalzell noted that other state employees were already getting slightly higher raises.

“With every other state employee getting money I don’t know what the rationale is for not giving them,” he said of raises for elected officials. “By any measure California is doing very well in terms of vaccination and infection containment. The economy is moving back.”

Legislators already had the highest base salary for state lawmakers in the country. The commission action this week bumps the official salary of state legislators up to $119,700.

The commission raised the governor’s official salary by $8,800 to $218,500.

The panel’s 4.2% raises go to 132 elected state officials, including the lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and members of the Board of Equalization.

So even as the businesses that managed to survive the forcible government takeover of their properties still cannot open at full capacity, the California legislature and Warden Newsom are being rewarded by taking more money from those businesses.

Every Republican legislator would do well to publicly reject this raise. It has not been earned. Sacramento has failed us and the failure has been so bad that Governor Newsom is facing an historic recall.

He cannot be rewarded with money taken from the pockets of Californians who lost everything as he dined in luxury.

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