Vax for the Win? Gavin Newsom Promotes Vaccination Cash Lottery, Pay for New Vaccinations

Vax for the Win? Gavin Newsom Promotes Vaccination Cash Lottery, Pay for New Vaccinations
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Usually, when it comes to Gavin Newsom, I have some quick funny retort to the absolute stupidity that is considered his Governorship. With this story, I’ve got nothing.  I’m speechless. The man has become a walking meme.  With Gavin’s job on the line with a pending recall election, Gavin’s actions have become increasingly more desperate, first by lifting the restrictions in California (absent any data as to why — not that I am complaining) and now by an even more desperate act:

That’s right, they want you to get jabbed for a chance to win up to $1.5 Million.  Yes, this is real.  10 “grand prize” winners on June 15th will get $1.5 Million while 30 “$50,000 Fridays” winners will be chosen June 4th and June 11th.  Entries will include new vaccinations between now and then, as well as anyone who already got the vaccine up until now.  Just in case I suddenly stop writing at RedState, you’ll know why. (Yes, I’m fully vaccinated, my 5G reception is fantastic.)

But wait — there’s more!!!

2 million California residents who choose to get vaccinated will get a $50 gift card each.  Yes, they are literally paying people to get vaccinated.

I really don’t get the fuss over the vaccine.  If you want to get it, get it.  If you don’t, don’t.  It is pretty simple.  There are people on both sides of the “aisle” who decide to fight me on this.  Some freak out that someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, but if they are vaccinated, why do they care? Other wackos have attempted to prevent others from getting the vaccine.  How about we all just decide on whether or not we want to get it?

This lottery idea is potentially the dumbest governmental action I have seen in a long time, and that list is extremely long.  They are talking about 116 million dollars, which could fix a lot of roads or upgrade a lot of energy and water infrastructure.  You know… like the actual responsibilities that the government has taken upon them.  Nope, we’ve gotta focus on a huge, expensive PR campaign to attempt to convince people to get a vaccine, for which, the government has already paid.  Is anyone getting how stupid this is?  We are now paying for the vaccine, three times over.

I guess I should just shrug it off as “Well, it’s California.”  Even that doesn’t do this stupidity justice, though.

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