California Election Investigation Reveals Details of Shocking Potential Fraud of Incredible Proportion

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As we have been reporting here at RedState, the forced-mail ballot situation has led to dozens, hundreds, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of ballots going where they had no business going.  We have seen cases in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other battleground states.  This story, comes from far behind the commie curtain, deep inside enemy lines, in my home state of California.


KCBS is the local CBS affiliate here in Los Angeles.  Their investigative reporter is David Goldstein, who is about the best investigative reporter around.  He decided to tackle the left’s continued assertion that ballots aren’t going to the wrong people.  He was shocked by what he found.

From CBS2:

“A new study from the Election Integrity Project California has found that close to 400,000 ballots have been sent to people who moved or died.

“The fear is that people who are dishonest could vote those ballots and attempt to get them counted,” said Evelyn Swenson, who works with the organization. “What kind of confidence to the people of California have in the system when they’re getting ballots from their deceased loved one 10 years ago or someone who never lived there or someone who moved 10 years ago? That hurts the confidence in the election.”

KCAL9/CBS2 investigative reporter David Goldstein connected with several people who said that they received ballots for people who haven’t lived at their addresses for decades.

One ballot sent to Margaret Richards in Sherman Oaks, but moved to Tennessee 16 years ago. Richards said the fact that these ballots are being sent out worries her and makes her question the integrity of the election.

“It just is very unfortunate,” she said. “Think about how many people who have moved, and the same thing is happening over and over. How do you trust the system?”

Richards isn’t the only one. Monrovia resident Pam Harnden said she received ballots for the people who sold her her home 15 years ago. They now live in Texas.

“Whenever there’s an election of some sort, I get all the paperwork,” she said. “It’s really a shame because it’s, what, going on 15 years and they haven’t taken these people off the voter rolls?”

The L.A. County Registrar said that “a voter record is made inactive only when mail sent to the voter is returned undeliverable from the post office or through notification of a change of address. If you get a ballot in the mail not addressed to you, mark it return to sender. Voter no longer lives there.”

Harnden said she has done that every year, and she still receives them.

“Like a bad penny,” she said.”


Four. Hundred. Thousand. Ballots.

In one state.

In a national race that was determined by less than that in 2016.

And the Democrats want to tell us we are overreacting.

This is what is so damaging about these claims. Despite overwhelming evidence that this is a problem, Democrats want to pretend like it is something to ignore.  If it isn’t a problem, what would be so hard about creating teams, immediately following the election, to canvas voters and find out who is who and where they are?  Why not make the effort to ensure that ALL of the votes cast are done so with the highest regard for accuracy and integrity?

Another interesting fact I have encountered:  Without fail, every single person I have engaged on this issue, who has shown ballots being sent to them that didn’t belong there, without fail, are Republican.   Are Democrats not getting these ballots?  Do they not find it just as alarming the ease with which they could break the law?  The ONLY reason you wouldn’t be outraged by this, is if you condone the occasional cheating that may occur, if not full-blown operations to commit fraud.

Long and the short of it, this 400k number, in one state, likely adds up to tens of millions of ballots across the country.  Think it isn’t a big deal now?


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