California Gov. Gavin Newsom Gets Sued for Offering $75 Million in Tax Dollars to Illegal Immigrants

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A protester holds a sign in front of the pier Sunday, May 3, 2020, in Huntington Beach, Calif. In Orange County, where beaches were singled out for closure by California Gov. Gavin Newsom during the coronavirus pandemic, crowds were sparse as lifeguards and police patrolled and issued warnings to people to stay off the sand. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


Gavin Newsom is being sued.

The California governor plans to grant $75 million in taxpayer funds to illegal immigrants living in the state, and some aren’t enthused.

On Tuesday, conservative legal firm Judicial Watch announced its filing of a temporary restraining order against a doling of the dough.

JW President Tom Fitton explained via a lengthy statement:

“Judicial Watch’s taxpayer clients asked for a temporary restraining order because Governor Newsom plans to rush plainly illegal direct cash payments, using taxpayer dollars, to illegal aliens. The governor has no legal authority on his own to spend state taxpayer money for cash payments to illegal aliens, and coronavirus doesn’t give him or any other politician a pass to violate the law.”

As covered by RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar in April, Gavin — who presides over a state where beached senior citizens aren’t allowed to sit in chairs — revealed he’d be directing $125 million toward those in the country illegally via a disaster relief assistance initiative. The program combines $75 mil courtesy of the taxpaying public with $50 million proffered by philanthropy.

That money aims to help residents who didn’t qualify for the recent federal stimulus.

Such foreign natives will receive up to $500 individually, with households topping out at $1,000.


Per The Daily Caller, Gavin’s team expects to fork over funds to around 150,000 illegal immigrant adults.

Upon breaking the news, Newsom quantified the portion of California’s illegal workforce: 10% — far more than 150,000. Therefore, many illegal-status individuals will receive zilch.

The decision for revolutionary relief — it should be noted — came solely from Gavin. The legislature wasn’t allowed a say.

That, particularly, didn’t sit well with Judicial Watch.

Back to JW’s claim of illegality, TDC lays it out:

Federal immigration law generally forbids illegal aliens from being eligible for state or local public benefits. Only through laws enacted by a state legislature can a state government provide such benefits to undocumented aliens — something Newsom did not do.

Gavin’s got multiple problems — he’s also being sued by citizens disallowed from protesting the lockdown by the lockdown itself.


And while that $150 million’s locked and loaded, a Los Angeles business owner claims she had to pay $20,000 in legal fees just to stay open.



But hey, not everything’s going wrong in California — at least aspiring aquacisers can still take a dip:

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Congrats to the winner of California’s 2019 Goober race. I mean, gubernatorial.



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