Gavin Newsom Fails to See the Irony of Being Attacked by His Own Bad Policies

It could not have happened at a more pivotal time. As Governor Gavin Newsom tours the state, taking rollercoaster rides, playing “Game Show Gavin” with the vaccine lotteries, and working hard to polish his turd of a reopening, on Friday, His Hairfulness got a taste of what residents in large cities suffer on a day-to-day basis.


From the Sun U.S.

Newsome [sic] was “approached by an aggressive individual,” according to California Highway Patrol communications director Fran Clader.

The CHP, which provides additional security for the governor, pulled Newsom away and arrested the 54-year-old man.

Video shows Newsom before and after the incident, as well as the man laying on the floor as an officer cuffs him.

“Aggressive individual.” These are the streets of Oakland, and from the look of the man in the video, he was homeless. Talk about trying to polish a turd.

Despite the altercation, Newsom was not injured.

On the one hand, I’m glad Newsom wasn’t injured because we want the Recall election to do that damage.

On the other hand, how does he expect small businesses to recover when tourists, residents, and patrons could get assaulted out of the blue at any moment? Newsom has no concept that simply throwing money at a problem and doing a photo op will not go as far as actually clearing the area of homelessness, vagrancy, and simply allowing the police to arrest criminals and getting a D.A. that will prosecute them. People go where they feel safe, and no amount of money will help businesses thrive if no one bothers to frequent them.

But, it’s all a big joke to His Hairfulness, you see. This one and other accounts confirmed this:

He was seen on video walking away from the man and fistbumping a number of people on the other side of the street before entering Graffiti Pizza for a slice.

He then joked with reporters that different people have different ways of saying hello.


Yep. This is the governor who decried the removal of California’s “assault weapons” ban. Protection for me, but not for thee.

Had this homeless man done this across the Bay, where San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin allows Asians to be beaten, merchandise under $1,000 to be stolen without impunity, and demands violent inmates get preferential treatment and early release, this man would be back on the streets! Where’s the justice?! Why wasn’t bail eliminated for this poor soul? Where is the California version of the Minneapolis Freedom Fund that VP Kamala Harris and others poured money into after the Floyd riots last Summer?

This “aggressive individual” is also Black, so where’s the equity in his treatment? According to Robin DiAngelo and Nikole Hannah-Jones, Newsom is just a privileged, racist white man. Both he and the “aggressive individual” are the same age. Who’s to say that if this “aggressive individual” had been adopted by a rich and powerful oil magnate as a second son and allowed to skate through life as Newsom has, that he, too, could not have become the governor of California?


These are the questions that no one is asking, and Newsom should be answering. Instead, Newsom gaslights on Twitter about creating jobs, paying off past-due proceeds from the eviction moratorium, and getting his hairs re-gelled for the next photo opportunity.

Hair Gel is also putting out ads touting his “California Comeback;” he fails to understand that there would be no need for a “comeback” if he weren’t such a terrible governor.

Washington Examiner did the leg work on “who” this “aggressive individual” happens to be. Stevie Wonder could have seen this:

Reached by phone, a woman who identified as the suspect’s sister described him as a homeless man with severe mental health problems. She said the allegation made by authorities was “consistent with his past behavior.”


Just like his pal, the VP, Hair Gel doesn’t want to actually do anything about root causes; he just wants to throw money at it—12 billion dollars worth this time around—in order to make it appear as if he is doing something about it.

This incident further exposes what we already know about Newsom’s empty words and promises.

This is an excellent video about Newsom and other Democrats being hoisted with their own petard. Short and sweet, but gets the point across.

And he’s still getting Recalled.


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