MOTR, Ep. 57: Intelligence Leaks Are Bad, but My View Is Somewhat Different

(AP Photo/Lt. Col.. Leslie Pratt, US Air Force, File)

The United States seems to experience rather regular leaks of national security information.

Some of these security breaches are self-imposed. There’s an old saying that men are really good at keeping secrets because most of the time, they’re not really listening. Apparently not.

Joe Biden was caught recently with a trove of Top Secret documents strewn around in places where he’d been — an abandoned office, some drawers in a house where Hunter Biden was living, and even in a dusty Delaware garage.

None of these documents should have ever left their secure location. Some of them even date back to Joe Biden’s Senate days, which lasted 36 years until he was elected vice president in 2008.

How attentive to security is that?

The Biden Justice Department is investigating former president Donald Trump for some classified documents he was found to have illegally with an eye to prosecution. Do you think there will be any consequences for Joe Biden?

I don’t either.

We assume Hunter had access to at least some of these papers, which would explain some of the policy analysis on his abandoned laptop that seems unusually erudite for an alcoholic drug addict.

Another security breach came to light the other day, some 100 pages of purported Pentagon analysis on Ukraine, the war, Russia, Putin, and some U.S. allies.

It was posted more than a month ago on an obscure site and not noticed until this month. Hard to understand how these security lapses occur so regularly and why they can’t be stopped and tracked back to the traitorous leaker.

In this week’s audio commentary, I take a somewhat unorthodox approach to the damaging revelations. Leave your comments underneath. We value what our VIP subscribers think

I’ve been struck in recent weeks at how profoundly deep and disturbing the lies and mistruths have become in our ongoing national dialogue or, more accurately, our ongoing national arguments about virtually everything.

The protagonist in this pervasive Fantasyland is, of course, the president. So, I wrote the most recent column about how hard it’s become to find any truths to believe or honestly debate. And how dangerous that is for all of us, regardless of political persuasion.

It’s become safer to assume most everything Biden says is a lie. How will that work for the country on the day he says our military sons and daughters, husbands and fathers must go in harm’s way because it’s necessary?

Here’s that column.

The most recent audio commentary, No. 56, on the growing phenomenon of people tuning out of some or all of the day’s news intrigued me. I confess I too do dodge some of the media’s ongoing monovision coverage of the disappointing policies, divisive arguing, and even violence in today’s media.

That brief audio post is here and all 57 of the audio commentaries are archived here.

Also posted on the same page is my latest non-VIP item, an affectionate but realistic requiem for the city of Chicago, once my favorite city where I’ve lived several times. It’s now in steep decline under a one-party rule that is also polluting places like California. Yet the Windy City was still just selected as the four-day national showcase for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

It’s a beautiful place full of history.

But a dying, once great city full of crime, poverty, and violence that thousands are fleeing after decades of Democrat rule would not seem the most ideal showcase for a Democrat Party set to re-nominate someone who turns 82 next year and is frequently acting and speaking strangely this year.

And, by the way, what is ne’er-do-well son Hunter Biden doing tagging along with daddy on an official presidential trip to the Irish isle? He did that before in 2013 on Air Force Two when the vice president made an official visit to China.

Hunter used the occasion to seal a lucrative business deal with a Chinese company with Communist Party ties as part of his international influence-peddling ops. Despite promises that Hunter would relinquish those investments, neither Biden has confirmed that actually ever happened.

Joe Biden also maintains he has absolutely positively never ever spoken with Hunter about his son’s business deals. “That’s The God’s truth.”


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