MOTR, Ep. 56: Avoiding Some News Is the Latest Thing - Just Don't Skip This

Have you ever been watching the news online or on TV and up comes another story of blood and mayhem and suffering? Another shooting somewhere by an angry someone who gave off ample signals. Flashing police-car lights. Yellow crime-scene tape crossing the street. Yada-yada-yada’s from silly people in Congress.

And you say to yourself, “I don’t need this.” I’ll try something else, maybe the Cartoon Channel.

You are not alone. And neither am I.

There’s a growing phenomenon afoot in our land of people simply avoiding all the news. Or a good part of it.

Not you here, of course. You’re a much-appreciated RedState VIP subscriber. So, you get extra special offerings on a wide variety of topics.

I get it. Today’s news is overwhelming. It’s everywhere. All the time. Non-stop. It’s not easy to avoid.

But many of us are trying, at least part of the time. For our own mental health.

That got me considering the habit of ducking the news and the hidden implications of that in a properly functioning democracy. So, here are my thoughts on that in this week’s audio commentary.

The most recent MOTR audio op-ed concerned more attempts by woke school administrators to undercut rewards for American exceptionalism because, you understand, we don’t want anyone to feel left out, even if they can’t meet statewide testing standards.

This time, however, the “educators” got caught when word got out. I looked at that here.

In a recent column, I wrote that media’s contorted and distorted coverage of Donald Trump and Joe Biden would make an excellent two-semester, graduate course in ethics — if only today’s younger journalists had any.

All my columns, by the way, are archived here at the same time they are published on RedState’s front page. Same place as all my posts from recent years, actually.

You’d never know if you consumed only mainstream media, but virtually every time Joe Biden appears in public nowadays he acts strangely  — says something incoherent. stupid, or nonsensical.

And just as in the old fable about the emperor parading without any clothes on before a gullible public, no one does anything.

A president does deserve respect and understanding. But this guy has access to the nuclear launch codes, which is scary to think about.

RedState writers, however, are like the one person in the crowd who says, “The emperor is naked.”

One of our stars is Nick Arama, who has carefully documented this president’s deteriorating mental condition and behaviors since he took office.

Here’s one recent example. And another.

Other articles are archived here.

Mike Miller also writes some priceless posts like this one on 100 satirical Babylon Bee stories actually coming true during these weird times.

Or this one on NPR’s dumbfounding claim there’s no scientific evidence that men have physical advantages over women in sports.

There’s this intriguing post by my friend Kira Davis suggesting five excuses the Democrat party could use to dump Biden off its 2024 ticket.

And, of course, my weekly reminder to get your Ukraine-Russia war updates from streiff, not only another colleague but an experienced military veteran with strategic and weapons insights you won’t find elsewhere. I learn something important reading every one of his posts.

His latest examines the surprising political defection of an important member of Putin’s presidential support team, who knows too much. This is the kind of revealing information streiff posts routinely.



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