Joe Biden's Countless Lies Have Created a Dangerous Fantasyland for Americans

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Under the pretend leadership of Joe Biden, his glib cronies, and incompetent appointees, our country is now living a dangerous public life of fiction and fantasy where hardly anything is true.

The lies and misstatements are so abundant and so obviously contrary to verifiable fact that it’s now become wiser and safer for Americans to assume that nothing this Delaware dufus says is true because it so rarely is. You can tell it’s a lie when Biden vows, “That’s the God’s truth.”

Biden, his crime family, and handpicked woke aides say anything that suits them at the moment and move on to the next fable.

Asked about suspicious financial activity reports documented by his own Treasury Department over huge financial payments from China to the Bidens, the president simply says, “That’s not true.” He strides away.

It’s not always so much about what Biden says. The entertainment often comes from the new ways he tells old lies oblivious to the obvious repetition. And the confusing mess he can make reading words off his Jumbotron teleprompter.

No one actually believes this president except those who willfully want to for the sake of their own career or because they can’t admit their 2020 vote was a colossal mistake in judgment.

And the rest of us are left to think, “Wait! What?” Or just avoid the news altogether.

The mainstream media has forsaken its constitutionally-protected watchdog duties because the guy is old. Hey, he’s always lied. And to call him out threatens their preferred narrative and progressive political agenda.

They look at the naked emperor and admire his fashion sense.

And with Donald Trump’s immediate legal troubles over a faux felony, they have a perfect excuse to pounce and distract public focus with the guy who gets them more clicks and eyeballs than even animal rescue stories.

With the added bonus that nonstop negative coverage could help terminate the comeback campaign of the man who gave the fading news industry five years of bonanza business.

Which it won’t.

I said this fictitious Kabuki-like theater life we’re living now was dangerous because it is. Even when absent on his weekly vacations, the American leader is the world’s laughing stock.

At podiums, he talks of distracting things that make no sense. At state affairs, he offers a toast to our historic ally, “Frank.” He startled a Democrat fundraiser by warning ominously of a looming Armageddon that would destroy all humanity. Then never mentioned it again.

Just watch any Biden appearance on C-SPAN. Or check out Australia’s TV news coverage of Biden on YouTube.

Russia’s self-appointed Czar Vladimir attempted no new foreign land annexations while Donald Trump was in office, then scheduled the world’s worst war in 75 years to start just 13 months into Biden’s troubled tenure.

Nor is it coincidental that North Korea resumed ICBM testing and China renewed its bellicose intentions to absorb Taiwan and its 24 million souls.

Joe Biden, the third Democrat postwar commander in chief with zero military experience, bears a deep distrust of the Pentagon, one reason he was the lone Obama administration voice against “capturing” Osama bin Laden.

Then, when it came time to execute the welcome U.S. troop withdrawal by the May 2021 date negotiated by Trump, Biden postponed it from the quiet combat time of spring into the peak fighting season of September, then back into the even worse time of August.

Biden ignored Pentagon advice to begin evacuations weeks before and peremptorily pulled the plug one midsummer night without notice to allies.

That left billions in advanced military equipment behind, equipment now being used by Taliban insurgents trying to topple Pakistan’s government which, by the way, possesses nuclear weapons.

Biden also left behind thousands of Americans and Afghan allies, some of whom still await evacuation and some of whom were identified and executed because, in its unnecessarily hasty withdrawal, the Biden administration failed to destroy detailed employment records of locals who helped the U.S. during the 20-year conflict.

Biden then had to send several thousand troops back in for an improvised evacuation that encountered terrified mobs and a homicide bomber who killed 13 U.S. soldiers and nearly 200 Afghans. Asked about desperate Afghans falling from departing planes, Biden said, “That was four days ago.”

Biden has repeatedly called the lethal debacle “an extraordinary success.” Now that a post-op government report criticizes the exit operation, Biden blames Trump.

There’s also the evolving fictions surrounding serial discoveries of classified documents that Biden left in an abandoned office, drawers in his house, and stacked somewhere in his dusty garage.

This winter’s Chinese espionage balloon episode is an excellent example of the ongoing false reality Biden successfully seeks to create, then ignore. At the time his officials said:

  • They didn’t know about the giant balloon until it crossed the border from Canada.
  • They took countermeasures to prevent any intelligence gathering.
  • They didn’t immediately shoot it down over land because that would prevent determining what it was collecting.

Now comes a shocking NBC News report revealing that virtually everything they said was, as my RedState colleague called it, “a bunch of malarkey” and “lying.”

I think Biden’s claims could more aptly be described as an eight-letter barnyard epithet for bovine excretions.

The U.S. military actually tracked the balloon from its launch in China, across the Pacific, down the coast into Canada, and all across the country.

The craft maneuvered over sensitive military installations such as Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base that controls a sprawling network of underground missile silos, sometimes flying in figure-eights for continuous intel gathering.

It had onboard capabilities to transmit findings promptly to Chinese satellites and then erase them to hide the objective.

So by waiting, Joe Biden’s false reality actually facilitated the week-long spy mission for the country where Hunter Biden had a substantial business investment facilitated by the father taking him along to China for an official visit aboard Air Force Two. (See top photo above.)

The president maintains he has never discussed business with Hunter despite phone messages, photographs, and emails indicating otherwise.

Charles Dharapak

The House, now under the tenuous control of Republicans, is reported to be investigating Hunter’s laptop, his business dealings, and their apparent connections with his father.

One might be hopeful of some eventual justice there. However, a previous House GOP probe of the deadly 2012 Benghazi incident under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama produced nothing but noise.

Benghazi involved the murder by mob of four American government employees, including the ambassador to Libya, no attempt to reinforce or rescue them, and the unexplained disappearance of Commander in Chief Obama throughout.

The results of that House investigation were zilch. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing, this being Washington where consequences for malfeasance are an unknown phenomenon if the culprits are Democrats.

Nothing in current polls indicates Joe Biden should hope to win a second term. His job approval hovers right around Trump’s dismal ratings, 40 percent or slightly higher. Biden is underwater in virtually every category with six-out-of-ten disapproving of his performance on the economy, foreign affairs, and energy, among others.

True to mainstream media’s political sympathies, CNN optimistically reported last week that 32 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden deserves another term.

More accurately, that really means that two-thirds of Americans don’t believe this president should be given four more years to screw things up.

Joe Biden has said numerous times that his “intention” is to seek a second term. Every president says this because as soon as the possibility of a second term disappears, so does much of a president’s clout.

Every day Joe Biden survives he sets a new record as oldest serving president. He turns 81 this year and would be 86 after two terms.

What’s interesting is that despite such oft-professed certainty, Biden has repeatedly allowed several proposed campaign announcement dates to pass. Friends now say he’s recently talked about “definitely running” but delaying an announcement until late summer, or even fall.

Personally, I suspect in the end he’s not going to run in 2024, but is simply protecting his incumbent clout as long as possible. After all, why be concerned over intentionally misleading countrymen when lying has worked well all this time?

Leaving his party high and dry only a year before the election would be disastrous for Democrats. But neither Biden nor Obama is known for considering others who can’t somehow help them.

There is another possibility, however. It’s too clever for Joe Biden to have designed, but loyalty to an incumbent president, especially one who says he intends to run, has prevented any serious challengers from emerging among fellow Democrats.

Running against a sitting chief executive would be politically fatal for that incumbent and his party in a presidential election. See Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy challenging Lyndon Johnson in 1968, Ted Kennedy challenging Jimmy Carter in1980, Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot of the Reform Party challenging George H.W. Bush in 1992.

So, by delaying his official 2024 candidacy, a weak Biden and his cynical team create yet another false reality, that of a presumed nominee in a political vacuum free of any viable Democrat challenger until it’s too late for one.

And when the world realizes it’s yet another Biden lie, who cares? There are never any consequences anyway.

This tactic also happens to recreate the 2020 campaign scenario where good old Uncle Joe is a weak, unexciting, but familiar face and seemingly the only practical alternative for anyone opposed to Trump. That worked then.

Of course, this strategy counts on the short memory and enduring gullibility of American voters and on Donald Trump being the GOP nominee again.

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