Yikes: Biden Has to Have Hunter Help Explain Things for Him in Ireland

Hunter and Joe Biden in Ireland. (Credit: RNC Research)

Joe Biden was in Northern Ireland to commemorate the Good Friday peace agreement. I reported how he appeared confused about where his office was and how there was a huge security breach with information about the trip and security personnel being dropped in the street.


Now he’s hitting a few stops in Ireland, including Carlingford Castle and Dundalk in County Louth. He has his sister Valerie Biden Owens and his son, Hunter, with him. It’s not clear why Hunter is along on this trip or whether or not Biden is going to be reimbursing the government for his son and his sister accompanying him. Let’s hope Hunter doesn’t have “business” that he’s taking care of while he’s there.

Biden has a habit of telling people who are sitting above him, “Don’t jump” at every place he speaks. It’s not funny, it’s just weird, but he keeps doing it. Now, he’s extended it to people even below him, as he did when he was walking about Carlingford Castle.

Then, somehow the handlers let Biden get away and talk to a bunch of kids. You can see not only Hunter here but Joe’s sister, the lady in the green jacket standing next to Hunter.


You can see Hunter has to tell Joe at the end of that clip that another kid has a question for him.

That’s when the whole thing starts to go south. Biden listens to the question yet has no idea what the kid said to him. The kid asks him about his “steps to success.” Biden’s response? “Making sure that we don’t all have COVID, why, what are you talking about?” he said to the poor kid.

Hunter has to step in and translate because of Joe Biden’s confusion. Then, when Joe finally gets what the kid is asking him, that answer doesn’t make any sense either. “Whenever you disagree with someone, it’s okay to question their judgment, whether they’re right or wrong, but it’s never okay to question their motive.”

Imagine a little kid hearing that and wondering what the heck that means to take away as the “key to success.” What is this old guy trying to tell me? I honestly have no idea what his point here is, and I’m thinking the poor kids must have been confused beyond belief, maybe asking their parents, “Mommy, what did he mean?” You’re supposed to say something like hard work, honesty, doing good for other people, I don’t know, something that a kid could wrap his head around and be inspired by. Not some kind of weird Biden gobbledygook.


But how much trouble are we in when it’s Hunter who has to translate for Joe, and Biden can’t even understand something as simple as what that kid was saying to him? How can he understand the frequently nuanced diplomatic conversations that he would have to be involved in? We only see all the public gaffes, but my gosh, how many behind-the-scenes things like this are going on and how much are we endangered by Biden’s problems?


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