MOTR, Ep. 42: Whenever Joe Biden Says 'That's The God's Truth,' It Isn't

Chronic liars are looking for the momentary satisfaction of gaining attention. They’re living in the moment, like puppy dogs.

And they do not contemplate the long-term impact of their serial lies on the credibility of themselves or the office they hold. Think of the boy who cried wolf.

That’s Joe Biden.

He’s been lying so much so long in his life that he may think he’s relating a truth, even though it’s a different version of the same lie he’s been telling for years. He doesn’t know. Or care.

I doubt I’m the only American raised to think that lying is a very serious crime of honor, in a family or beyond.

Now that Joe Biden is President of the United States and Commander in Chief and not a nobody senator, his values, or lack thereof, have not changed.

If you’re a volunteer in the nation’s military, willing to go in harm’s way to protect people you don’t know, how would it feel to hear this president falsely claim he was admitted to the Naval Academy and in the next breath say that it’s important for you to risk your life on his orders?

I think as a country we’ve now moved beyond the point of chuckling at this old man who says fantastical things.

And that’s what I talk about here in this week’s audio op-ed.

The most recent audio commentary examined the awful hidden toll on America of Joe Biden’s open border with Mexico. I honestly don’t know how he sleeps at night. Probably more meds.

Another one that drew many listens was on the strange evolving shape of Donald Trump’s professed reelection campaign.

This week’s column describes my real-life meeting with the Christmas holiday’s Main Man, S.Claus himself. He was shorter than I had imagined, but he knew things that he had no way to know. I was quite impressed.

And I shall never forget him.

I often attempt here to explain how Washington works— or doesn’t. Here’s a widely-read post from this week that tried that, explaining how Joe Biden’s administration plays the sympathetic D.C. media like a violin, in this case, CNN.

The Big Question moving into the New Year of 2023 is actually 2024. Joe Biden allegedly spent these holidays pondering whether he’ll seek a second term in 2024… when he turns 82.

Every day now, Joe Biden sets a new record for the oldest United States president in office.

How far will he go? That’s my question in this column, Forget Reelection, Can Joe Biden Even Make It to 2024?

Certainly one of the top stories of 2022 is billionaire Elon Musk’s maverick takeover of Twitter and the ensuing revelations of internal documents proving prolonged, enduring, and secret censorship of conservatives by that popular social medium under the direction of Joe Biden’s administration.

A prime topic the Biden apparatchiks wanted to be buried was the incendiary revelations contained on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, showing his pervasive international influence-peddling and implicating the president of the United States his father as a financial beneficiary of this graft.

Liberal media want to continue dodging the issue.

While long suspected, the depth and duration of this censoring recalled the collusion of media with fascist governments of yore.

My RedState colleagues have produced compelling coverage of this unfolding scandal with more to come.

Read this. This. And this. Among many other posts.


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