Biden Snaps at Hunter in Ireland, Twists the Words of Pope John Paul II

Joe Biden in Ireland. Credit: RNC Research.

Joe Biden is in Ireland now with his son Hunter and his sister, Valerie Biden Owens.

As we reported earlier, Biden had been in Northern Ireland. He got confused about where his office was and suffered a huge breach of security, with a printout about the police precautions being dropped on the street near his hotel.


Then he went on to Ireland, visiting Carlingford Castle and Dundalk, in County Louth. He was asked a simple question about “steps to success” by a young boy and gave such a confused response that Hunter had to step in to help translate for his father what the kid asked him. But even then, when he seemed to finally get it, his further response still made no sense.

When he can’t even understand something as simple as that, one has to wonder how he can deal with all the diplomatic questions and talk that he would have to deal with on such a trip. It makes me wonder how much he is messing up behind the scenes, that we aren’t being told about, and how badly that is impacting us in critical decisions that have to be made.

But it also shows again, how much we are being lied to about his condition: this is a guy who’s thinking of running for office again? He can’t even understand what’s going on around him; he needs handlers.

There was another point that came up with Hunter during the trip that I wanted to point out and talk about: the public and private face of Joe Biden that they are showing us.

Here’s the “public face,” saying he’s “proud” of his son and his sister.

Biden has lied constantly when asked about what he knew of his son’s business dealings, but sure, he’s “proud” of him.


Now, here’s “private face” when Hunter interrupts him at a deli in Ireland, probably trying to head Joe off from a gaffe, as he talks to a small group of people. Joe snaps at him, mad that his “handler” is interrupting him.

“I’m just comin’ down and looking,” Joe said.

“I may want to order something,” Hunter replies.

“Then you order,” Joe says, getting huffy.

Sadly, they can’t keep it together, and we can see it in real-time as he falls apart. Unfortunately, so can our adversaries.

Even in his public face, he couldn’t keep things straight, as he again told the debunked lie about traveling “17,000 miles” with China’s leader Xi Jinping.

He says that as though it has invested him with some understanding of Xi. Xi is making aggressive moves around the world and against us, yet Biden doesn’t even seem to grasp what’s going on. Even Emmanuel Macron was making remarks distancing France from the United States, yet Joe seems clueless.


Biden also brought his creepy whisper to Ireland with him. I’m not sure what exactly he said here, something about “relatives.”

The Irish audience has to think: just how weird is this guy?

He spoke about his granddaughters and how he “worked” to get close to them, then added, “You think I’m joking.”

Hopefully, not as close as he may have gotten to his daughter.

Of course, there’s one granddaughter he hasn’t gotten close to and that’s the one he ignores, Hunter’s daughter by Lunden Roberts. But that’s probably better for her.

Then he quoted some words from Pope John Paul II from a 1979 visit to Ireland. “‘I have kept the faith.’ That has been the ambition of the Irish down the centuries,” the Pope said. That was praise by the Pope and a specific recognition that through all kinds of efforts against it in Ireland, they’d kept their Catholic faith. How did Joe interpret that?


“I think that’s who we are. We keep the faith,” Joe said. “I’m not talking about religion per se, I’m talking about keeping the faith, the faith in who we are, what we believe, what our values are.”

But if you aren’t talking about “the faith” — which is what the Pope was talking about — you’re just twisting what he said into nothing, you’re making it something you want to make it — without any religion. That’s our “devout Catholic” Joe Biden again, removing the “faith” from a profoundly religious statement made by the Pope.

Then Hunter had to help him again, as he left his remarks.

We are in so much trouble with this guy in charge.


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