Mika Brzezinski, Joe Biden’s Handlers Hardest Hit After He Stumbles Again Boarding Air Force One

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We should all breathe a sigh of relief now that the NATO Summit is over and President Joe Biden can step off the world stage and stop embarrassing us come home for some more rest after his disastrous overseas trip, which saw more than the normal amount of gaffes, confusion, bumbling, and troubling moments where other world leaders actually had to in some cases physically guide Biden to where he needed to be or gently steer him away from places he shouldn’t.


Unfortunately, however, Biden’s journey home began on a not-so-great note, as evidenced by the stumble he took trying to board Air Force One using the much shorter stairs than you normally see him use.


Video taken from another angle gives a better view:

As RedState readers will recall, this isn’t the first time Biden has had trouble going up the stairs to Air Force One, with the most infamous incident of them all being the one from March 2021 where he repeatedly tripped while climbing the stairs and at one point grabbed down at his knee like he’d hurt himself. From certain angles it also looked like he might have hit his head (at the :42 mark in the below clip):


While I certainly have my share of disagreements with the POTUS, I don’t find these moments funny – not just because I know what it feels like to lose my balance on stairs (as do several family members), but also because the so-called leader of the free world should be able to project strength at all times in public if they’re able to, as even other leaders who don’t respect the United States do respect another one standing strong.

And let’s face it, if these incidents were one-offs and if Biden didn’t have a history of alarming everyone around him by appearing lost and out of it, people would pay little mind to the stumble. But they are part of a pattern with Biden, and going into 2024 this one will be added to the growing list of concerning moments that voters will have to take under consideration when deciding on who to vote for in the presidential election.

Relatedly, let us all give a shout-out to Finnish president Sauli Niinistö, who was all of us during Biden’s bizarre speech given in Finland shortly before his departure:


Also, our thoughts and prayers especially go out to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski at this difficult time, as we’re likely to see another meltdown from her on Friday’s “Morning Joe” program imploring his handlers to do a better job of hiding the POTUS when he veers off course.

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