Joe Biden's Brain Goes Haywire During NATO Presser in Finland

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Joe Biden’s latest European tour, this time to attend various NATO meetings, is going about as well as you’d expect.

On the first night, the president missed a major dinner in Lithuania with the White House citing “fatigue” due to his supposedly immensely taxing schedule the prior four days. In reality, Biden had been at the beach before boarding Air Force One to head overseas. If only we could all be so tired.


By the next day, it was pretty obvious why he had missed the dinner. Biden was repeatedly ushered around by other NATO leaders, seemingly constantly confused about where to go and what to do. Later, the president mistakenly addressed Volodymyr Zelensky as “Vladimir.”

Next up was a quick hop over to Finland, and things didn’t go any better there. When it was time for Biden to do a presser, he pulled out a pre-arranged list of reporters to call on.

In the end, he only ended up taking two questions, including this insanely framed one from CNN reporter Arlette Saenz.

On no planet is it Republicans who are trying to tie abortion to defense spending. It is actually Democrats who are attempting to shove through various funding initiatives for abortion as part of the NDAA. It is shameful for CNN to try to spin that as the GOP inserting the culture wars into national defense when all they want is a clean NDAA that doesn’t include what is essentially taxpayer-funded abortion.


But I digress, you didn’t click on this article to hear me rant about how underhanded the press is. You came for what was promised in the headline. Rest assured, it happened.

And I quote…

Fredrickson of Denmark, and uh, the minnada, the ministry…the miniseries of cobanlin daughter of Ireland, uh, the daughter of Ireland, you can tell that’s a forties up I’m thinking of home, uh the daughter of Iceland, and uh um, I uh, I want to say I think we’ve had a very productive summit.

How many times do I have to tell Biden’s handlers to stop letting him try to announce people at various events? It never goes well. The guy is simply not mentally capable of introducing people. He always melts down completely and ends up mumbling something totally incoherent, and that’s when he’s not looking to introduce someone that died a month earlier.

So why even put that pressure on him? You are asking an 80-year-old man suffering from clear signs of senility to read a small piece of paper. On second thought, that seems like something we should expect a US president to be able to do.


Meanwhile, while the entire purpose of this European trip has been to strengthen NATO and intimidate its adversaries, how much of that is actually happening if this is what Biden is delivering on the world stage? China and Russia aren’t looking at all these fumbling public appearances and seeing resolve. They are seeing weakness. The increased aggression from those nations proves that.


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